I don’t know all of the secrets of Atlantis, in Nassau, Bahamas, but what I do know is the Atlantis Bahamas has the waterpark of the century. Great food, a constantly entertaining atmosphere, surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters in the world are only a few of the perks. With all of it’s restaurants, shops, casinos, beaches and more, you know Atlantis Bahamas is a great place to go for all types of getaways. Whether it’s a family, friend, weekend or a romantic trip, they cater to everyone.

Even if you aren’t staying at the resort, you can still come experience the attraction. Drop in and hang out at the resort for free. Get a day pass for the waterpark. There are all kinds of little secrets at Atlantis Bahamas.

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What an Atlantis Bahamas Day Pass Can Get You

The Atlantis Paradise day pass typically grants you access to various amenities and attractions within the resort for a single day and without having to stay at the resort. The specific inclusions may vary depending on the type of day pass you purchase and any promotions or special offers available at the time. 

A day pass allows guests to enjoy unlimited access to the water park’s slides, pools and river rides, access to the resort’s beautiful beaches and use of the resort’s swimming pools (including any designated pool areas for day pass holders). Additionally, a day pass allows guests entry to the resort’s marine habitat, casino, shops, and certain restaurants and bars.

Hotel stays at the Atlantis Bahamas are expensive, so definitely consider this option to enjoy what it has to offer. However, you will want to decide quickly as availability of day passes and pricing can vary based on factors such as the season, demand and any ongoing promotions.

Atlantis is centered around it’s elaborate waterpark. According the the Atlantis Bahamas website, the waterpark has “magnificent Atlantean-themed towers housing high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges, a spectacular kids’ water-play fort and 11 refreshing swimming pools.”

Visit Atlantis, but first discover these 11 secrets of the resort.

1. Atlantis is open to the public

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You can walk right into the resort. Personally, I brought my boat and docked it at their free dinghy docks. You can walk right up to the resort though as well and enjoy their casino, restaurants and bars, as well as a few other things that are listed below.

2. The Bridge Suite

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You know that one spot that’s situated between the two big buildings? That’s THE suite!

The suite is 4,000 square feet and has a minimum stay of 4 nights. This lavish suite has a waiting list that could take years for your name to come up.

The Bridge Suite is rumored to cost somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000 per night.

3. Visit the boardwalk for free

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Atlantis Bahamas is so big, it’s like it’s own little town. The boardwalk has activities, shopping and restaurants. It also has a great view of the water. The marina is also right next to the boardwalk.


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Comfort Suites Paradise Island is cheaper than staying at the Atlantis resort. The biggest perk of this is that when you book a room at Comfort Suites, access to the water park is included in your stay. And, there’s a free shuttle to the park. However, you are still going to run into fees and pricey room rates, despite Comfort Suites still being cheaper than the Atlantis resort. 

To save even more money with this day pass hack, purchase your room through Comfort Suite’s rewards program. Buying or earning points to redeem a room is a lot cheaper than buying the room regularly. 

The alternative is to purchase day passes to the waterpark. Available online or in person.

5. Secret Cenote


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This one isn’t too big of a secret. But, there is a secrete Cenote in Atlantis Bahamas. You can find the secret Cenote is at the end of the Abyss waterslide.

6. There's a movie night every night

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Every night at the Atlantis is movie night. Finding something to do after spending all day at the waterpark isn’t too big of a thing at Atlantis. Movie night sounds fun for the whole family!

7. Leave the resort

Nassau Bahamas
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Downtown Nassau is a bustling area for tourists and it’s just a 5 minute ride from the resort and a 30 minute walk over the bridge.

I recommend the 2nd one as it is a beautiful walk over the bridge. Get outside of your comfort zone and head downtown to shop, eat and meet the locals. Head home around 5 or 6 though, as everything shuts down then.

Junkanoo Beach is another good spot to visit while in Nassau. The beach is beautiful and Fish Fry Road has all kinds of Bahamian delicacies.

Everyone wants you to buy something here, so just be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to have to say no.

8. Visit the marina

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After hanging at the boardwalk, walk down the ramp to the marina. Some of these mega yachts are simply stunning. And, the people are friendly enough, so you may just get an invitation to join someone for drinks!

9. Go to the beach

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There are two private beach access points at Atlantis Bahamas. I had a hard time finding one of them, but the other is just off the rapids and just behind the hammocks. Bring sunscreen because it is so beautiful, you will be out there for hours.

10. Aquarium after 5 pm

This secret is probably more of a hack. The aquarium at Atlantis is manned between 9 am and 5 pm. But, before and after, it’s just open! Slide in and see all kinds of marine animals, especially the big sting ray.

11. Book Atlantis Bahamas with points

Tips for Atlantis Bahamas
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Family! You can book Atlantis Bahamas with Marriott Points! Yep, starting at 50,000 points per night you can stay with up to 4 people. And the waterpark passes come with the room! You can book with points at Choice Suites Paradise Island too.