Last year, a mother went viral for a Tweet she wrote to Walt Disney World, asking them to ban people without kids from the parks. She argued, or attempted to argue, that those without children make the experience for children a nightmare.

However, we’re here to argue that Walt Disney World is actually the perfect place for adults without kids (or those who want to leave the kids at home for once). If you agree, and want to experience your own kid-free Disney trip, we found 5 things that you must try.

Note: Walt Disney World is currently operating at 50% capacity across all parks. Face coverings must be worn at all times, unless actively eating or drinking, and sitting down.

If you didn’t already know, Epcot is all about highlighting different countries around the world. As you step into the park you instantly feel as though you’ve been transported to places like Paris, London, and even Morocco.

While kids can definitely take away a lot by seeing various structures and architecture from around the world, we’d like to think it was especially designed with the adult traveler-at-heart in mind.

Photo by Charlene Guilliams

No matter the time of year, if you find yourself wanting to get away to enjoy the cuisine and spirits of a foreign land, you can do so with a short drive or plane ride to Orlando.

You can indulge in adult Vodka slushies in Paris, Mexican jalapeño margaritas, as well as wine and beer from countries across the globe— all without showing your passport.

Photo by Charlene Guilliams

The cuisine is just as good. We’re talking grilled lamb skewers from Spice Road Table in Morocco, authentic Margherita pizza in Italy, and ramen straight from Japan.

What if I told you there were real cars, that were also boats? You would probably think I was crazy, but it’s definitely a thing.

Down at Disney Springs, the former Downtown Disney area, you can take a ride around the lagoon in an Amphicar. Disney Springs is one of the few places in the world that offers public rides in these unique cars.

Photo by The Boathouse

The cars are all vintage models, so they’ll definitely make for some dope IG content if you ride.

If you aren’t able to make your way to Epcot, the other Disney parks also bring some amazing fine dining and award-winning cuisine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I always viewed the food at Disney as casual and catering to the younger crowd, but I have now seen the light.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll find an amazing restaurant called Tippins, where the cuisine is heavily inspired by Africa and the Mediterranean. Chef David, a native Kenyan, along with the Disney imagineers have studied the culinary traditions of country’s all over and work to present it through their own dishes.

Outside of the actual parks, Disney Springs is home to several restaurants headed by James Beard awarded and nominated chefs. Spend an evening restaurant hopping to really be able to take it all in.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Start off with appetizers and a view at The Boathouse. This is also where you can ride the Amphicar mentioned above. Next, sit down for the delicious spare ribs and blood orange ginger ale at Morimoto Asia. End your foodie adventure with a visit to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin, known for its buttermilk fried chicken and unique moonshine cocktails. You’ll definitely want to order dessert too!

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Yes, we all go for our classic photo on the Teacups in Magic Kingdom and our flick in front of the castle, but there are plenty of thrill rides spread across the four parks as well.

Magic Kingdom: What’s a trip to MK without a blast though Space Mountain. The indoor coaster takes you through the darkness of space, with a few glimpses of light here and there. That initial acceleration will always catch you off guard.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Animal Kingdom: Go on an African safari and see most of the ‘big 5.’ Expedition Everest is a fun coaster that whips you backwards and forwards through Mt. Everest. Spend some time in Pandora, which was modeled after the movie Avatar. The Flight of Passage simulation ride will take you on a 3D journey on top of a Banshee. You literally feel everything you see on screen from wind to splashes of water.

Disney Hollywood Studios: Now, this is definitely the park for the true adrenaline junkies. It’s home to Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which is the only inverted coaster in the Disney Park system. Here is where you’ll also find Hollywood Tower of Terror, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the all new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance experience.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Disney goes above and beyond to provide a full experience to its visitors, even outside of the parks.

Disney resorts are all individually themed to really tell its own story. For instance, Animal Kingdom Lodge was inspired by the African Serengeti. You can watch animals from your room balcony as they frolic around the manmade camp ground. Also, this resort is home to the largest collection of African art in the United States.

Many people even host their annual friend’s weekend at the resorts and parks.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

“My girlfriends and I host a slumber party at Disney,” Cybil Crum, director of Marketing Strategy for Walt Disney World told Travel Noire. “We book one of the resorts near Epcot, and spend a day at the Epcot International Food and Wine Fest.”

Now that we’ve dropped these gems, when are you planning your adults-only Disney trip?

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