5 Ways To Stay Connected In A Long Distance Relationship
Photo Credit: Vladimir Vladimirov

Photo Credit: Vladimir Vladimirov

5 Ways To Stay Connected In A Long Distance Relationship

Ayah A.
Ayah A. Apr 14, 2021

Relationships involve two totally different people attempting to merge their lives. With two different personalities, two different mindsets, and two different sets of hopes, dreams, and ambitions, things sometimes get complicated, to say the least. Add in miles and miles between two lovebirds and things get even more complex.

While a long-distance relationship is certainly not for the faint of heart, there are things that can help make it easier. We sat down with relationship coach Zara J. to discuss five ways couples can build and maintain a strong connection while in a long distance relationship.

Virtual Date

The first thing Zara suggests is having frequent virtual dates with your partner. Although you are apart, you can bring them into your environment and allow them to experience new experiences with you to create moments that help build connections and memories.

“Virtual dates are intimate and can be fun when you mix it up and take the date out of the house and into new locations you and your partner can explore together.”

“Dinner dates on Zoom are great, but you can also take a tour of a new hiking site, go to a restaurant, or have a fun shopping trip where you let your partner assist you with picking out the right outfit, just as you would if you two were at the mall together.”

Zoom Family Nights

Zara says it is easy for long distance couples to forget to involve their partner in important parts of their life and cautions against this.

“Just because they’re not local or able to be with you in person at this time, doesn’t mean they deserve to be less involved. Schedule Zoom family nights to introduce your partner to your family or friends and bring them into your life fully.”

“Social proof is important when building a connection and courting for commitment, so don’t miss this step. You can host a family game night, dinner party, watch party, or just a chat to get them familiar with your close relationships and to deepen yours.”

Significant Gifts

Sending a special gift is a great way to show your partner you care and are thinking of them, says Zara.

“Is there something significant that occurred or that you experienced on your last visit? What about a food or product that you both really enjoyed? Or, perhaps there’s a special moment or event that’s coming up.”

Gifting your partner with a unique present will encourage them and make them feel close to you. Whatever the reason, a special gift to connect you with your partner can be a great way to remind them of your presence. It doesn’t have to be expensive— it just needs to have true value and meaning.”

Video Greetings

Texts are cool, but giving your partner the opportunity to hear and see you, is a special treat that allows them to get a better sense of the emotions you’re expressing, Zara says.

“Switch up your greetings from text and send your love a video greeting to brighten up their day. They will love the visual and being that you didn’t require them to dedicate time to FaceTime, they will appreciate being able to enjoy the video while still being able to move about their day.”

“You will ignite their imagination and warm their heart with the unexpected video of your smiling face. Don’t overuse this treat, but slip it in the mix of communication from time to time as a surprise appearance.”

Take a Class

Learning together as a couple can help you connect, spend time, and strengthen your relationship over new info or skills.

“Shared learning experiences can be intellectually stimulating and a great way to bond. Be open to your partner’s interests and take turns choosing topics to explore.”

“Find a class, book, or podcast you two can learn and grow from together and make time to discuss the topic. A couple that knows together grows together!”

About Zara J.

Zara J. is a relationship coach, author, and host of the Captivating Courtship Code podcast. In 2015 she launched a matchmaking service that helped singles get matched and married, from around the globe. Through years of matchmaking she discovered her signature Passion Attraction Prototypes, which breaks down the common attraction patterns, mindsets, and behaviors that give most people major challenges with courtship and relationships.

Now she teaches women how to transform their prototypes, so they can go from anxious and uncertain about their love life, heal from their past, attract better men, and navigate courtship and commitment with confidence using the proven six-step blueprint, the Captivating Courtship Code.

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