POV: it’s the end of the year and you’re reading through your favorite and most treasured travel moments in your own travel journals. Through the highs and lows, you did that and 2023 will be the year that you have it in writing. As lovers of the world, this is very much what we want for our Travel Noire family and we’ve got a list of journals to make it happen.

Why journal while traveling?

Resisting erasure is a huge part of the Diaspora‘s daily efforts. Journaling and writing in general has become a principal way to speak our Black histories and existence into reality. These daily pages of thoughts, experiences, and memories generate huge echoes. It is our job as Black travelers to tell our stories. It’s time to get a journal that can turn into future stories and records of how we journeyed.

Write the real, the hilarious, the joyful, and the unforgettable–write it all down and let yourself relive those travel moments. In 2023, we’re keeping the best possible receipts and letting our future selves feel celebrated. In this list, we’ll focus on a range of travel journals for different types of travelers. We’ve got you covered, whether you like to write outside of the lines or keep the organized energy up.

Read on to find out which of these top travel journals is for you.

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1. Refillable Leather Journal Notebook

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This refillable leather journal is a perfect all-around journal for the traveler who does it all. The popular journal comes with card slots, bills and notes compartments, a pen loop, and an 80-sheet notebook. This design is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles as well as busy travelers. Shop the journal here. 

2. Waterproof Journal

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A journal with waterproof paper is perfect for travelers who like to journal by the sea. The all-weather paper and waterproof cover make for a resilient journal. Unlike synthetic waterproof paper, wood-based Rite in the Rain paper is entirely recyclable. Enjoy your morning journaling while knowing that your practice is super sustainable. Shop the journal here

3. Moleskin Passion Journal

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Planning your trips, checking in with yourself, or writing down all the memories is part of the travel fun. Moleskin’s hardcover journal might just make the process that little more exciting. It seems this Moleskin passion journal is a favorite in the world of travel writing. A quality notebook with deluxe pages that is long-lasting; what is not to love? We recommend this journal for those who want to jot their passions down and stay motivated daily. Check out the journal here

4. A Journal for Traveling Kids

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We love a good interactive journal for traveling kids. This journal is sure to keep them entertained while wandering the world. Keep little ones busy on long plane or bus rides with the hardcover travel journal. Recording special memories across the globe is exciting for little travelers and is also a wonderful way to keep them curious globetrotters. This travel journal is recommended for kids ages 6-11. Buy the journal here

5. Bullet Journal

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The Leuchttrum hardcover notebook is that journal that will impress any creative traveler. The dotted pages make for the ideal bullet-journal activities. With 249 pages, there is loads of space to stay creative with, too. This is a journal for those who want to enjoy a creative travel journal experience and don’t want to be restrained by lines. Shop the journal here.

6. Prompt journal

Courtesy of Amazon

Gratitude is an absolute must, and this journal will help guide you to a place of daily thanksgiving while abroad and at home. Gratitude journals have taken over the scene for journal-keepers, and avid travelers jumped on the trend, too. Having space to digest the trip and offer thanks is a key part of enjoying being on the road.

Looking for some prompts to keep your days fresh? You have precisely 180 to keep you thinking. This journal is also created by a small, family-owned business which is an added reason to support. Shop the gratitude journal here

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