There is so much to think about when it comes to moving abroad in 2023. The travel inspiration has truly gone up a notch. Black travelers get it; why stay in one place when there is so much world to see? There are simply too many stories of travelers moving to the tropics or starting off-grid lives abroad–the inspiration is truly abundant.

Travel Noire has long been a source of inspiration for those looking to seek community in other corners of the world. We are all about helping Black travelers feel safe, inspired, and prepared to start a new chapter abroad. Once you’ve researched your new country, the culture, and what documentation you’ll need and things start to look real, the next step is packing. Moving abroad in 2023 doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, we created a list to guide all newbie expats.

This list offers some ideas about essentials to consider for your move abroad in 2023. Read on to see what we recommend for your new life as an expat/traveler.

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1. Backpack

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There is nothing better than having a trusty backpack to keep you going strong as you travel from country to country. Whether you’re looking for something for your day trips or a cabin bag you can trust in, you’ll thank yourself for investing in one. We love this backpack by THE NORTH FACE. 

2. Portable charger

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Running out of battery will always be one of those bottom-of-the-list travel experiences. When moving abroad, there is so much to adapt and adjust to. Sometimes leaving the house with a full battery just isn’t possible. A portable charger is also a handy thing for expats and nomads planning on working out of cute cafes. This Texsso portable charger comes with six ports and is compatible with an impressive range of devices. Buy it here.

3. Travel Plug Adaptor

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Even if you think you know exactly where you want to move to, there will surely be chances to travel and explore other countries. Long-term travelers know too well that sometimes the plan is not the plan. If you are equipped with an adaptor that allows you the freedom to travel and always have your options, then you’re all good. We like this universal travel plug adaptor by Ouliyo for all our vagabond needs. 2023 is the year for vacations from the vacations. Bagging a quality adaptor will help that dream along. Shop the adaptor here.  

4. Leather Padfolio Organizer

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Don’t learn the hard way, keep all of your important documents in one place while moving abroad. No one wants to have scattered bits of paper here and there, so we highly recommend a compact and clever padfolio to keep you from the messy life. This Wundermax notebook organizer is the perfect solution. It has compartments for iPads, documents, an inbuilt notebook and it is made using vegan materials, which is a bonus point for environmentally conscious travelers. Shop the Wundermax vegan leather organizer here.

5. Reusable water bottle

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Nothing like staying hydrated, at home and away. An eco-bottle is great for the environment as well as saving you hassle when out and about in your new city. A reusable water bottle is a great solution for those who want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle abroad. Our go-to is the Ocean Bottle, an eco-friendly stainless steel bottle that is leak-free. Ocean Bottle also partnered with Plastic Bank to help support collectors of plastic from the oceans to help fund their needs. Shop the bottle here.

6. Kindle

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We can’t think of traveling with a bag full of books when moving abroad, which sucks for the bookworms. Even if you dream of settling down with your own library one day, there is nothing like being able to read as many books as you desire without the huge luggage fees. A Kindle is sure to elevate your reading wishes for your new life abroad. Shop the Kindle Oasis here. 

7. Luggage you can count on

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It isn’t just about moving abroad, it’s about the process, too. The seamless move is what truly marks the start of a new chapter. Without a doubt, we would say that sleek luggage is the secret to starting your new chapter happily. We stand by TravelPro for our luggage needs. The lightweight, hard-case luggage comes with built-in locks. This two-piece carry-on and check-in set is ideal for moving abroad with ease. Shop the set here.

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