The 90s will always hold a special place in our hearts. From black sitcoms to oversized sweatsuits — this era was lit.

Another great thing about the 90s? The music. I mean, there was TLC, Boyz II Men, 112, Dru Hill and the list goes on. Some of us even put together 90s R&B playlists and wished for a love like Will and Jada’s.

Throughout the 2000s, there have been a few 90s music revivals. The ‘I Love the 90s’ stadium tour was launched in 2016 and boasts a roster of 90s icons such as Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd, Salt-N-Pepa and Coolio — who performed across North America and Europe. The nostalgia of the 90s doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, there are now cruises which are themed around the 90s and it’s music.

Ship-Hop is a hip-hop-themed cruise that began in January 2018. There are also hard-rock themed cruises such as Shiprocked and Monsters of Rock, and a Backstreet Boys cruise that will return in May 2020 for their eighth year on the sea.
Flyer from the last Ship-Shop cruise

Alan Koenig of Nashville-based Ask4Entertainment tells Telegraph: “Our clients are aged 30-55 and harking back to a time before they had children and didn’t have any responsibilities. Reconnecting with the music of their youth is the best way to feel young.”

Koenig believes that cruises are preferable to stadium tours because, with cruises, passengers can get to meet their 90s idols. He says, “would you rather see Salt-N-Pepa perform from an area floor, or in the middle of the ocean, then chatting to them over an umbrella drink? And double bonus — you’re on holiday too!”

Attend a cruise with Ship-Hop and you’ll get to experience ‘Cooking with Coolio’ — where Coolio shares his recipes for dishes like ‘Drunk-ass Chicken’.

The 2020 dates for Ship-Hop hasn’t been announced as yet.