First things first, a workcation is the gift you probably didn’t know that you needed. A workcation, where work meets vacation is in itself, a tricky thing to get right. It requires a lot of balance, planning, patience and a hell of a lot of discipline. 

Thankfully, in this article we’ll talk you through the best tips and tricks to start your workcation off to a flawless start. 

1. Know your options

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A workcation doesn’t have to mean going as far as Thailand or Bali (although…), it could definitely be more local. Local workcations are a perfect way to change scenery, and inspire creativity and they allow you to explore the next city or town.

2. Get organised before hand

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So you’ve booked your workcation, found a gorgeous Airbnb and even packed your bag way ahead of time. What now? Unlike a normal vacation, there are a few extra things to keep yourself organized.  Working with different time zones, syncing up your calendar and even ensuring you have mapped out good co-working or nearby cafes incase the WiFi fails you is all part of the planning.

3. Plan for time for your body to adjust

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Because to be real, it is always needed. We recommend you give yourself 1-2 days or a weekend of rest and adjustment to get acquainted with your new lifestyle. These are not working days nor are they vacation days, they are days to get settled into the new environment. Figure out where to do laundry, where your favorite beach is, where to buy groceries – all the good stuff that you won’t have to think about when you log on (oceanside if you’re lucky) to return to work. 

4. Designate a work space

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This is a big one. You can’t work where you play, so creating an environment or booking a space with a home office will save you from blurring those lines during your workcation. It is good for improved mental health as well as helping you feel the difference when you’re away from your screen.

5. Be as professional as you would at home

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We had to say it. Though tempting, it is probably best to not take the laptop to the pool while sipping on your third and not final cocktail of the day on that zoom call…

6. Be as open as you would on vacation

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Likewise, we had to say it: let yourself live. The best part of a vacation is dipping into your curiosity and seeing another side of your personality. How would you know that you like zip-lining through the jungle as a midday rush if you don’t take advantage of that opportunity while abroad? Keeping an open heart and mind is the remedy to a sometimes stagnant and routine way of life. 

7. Permanent workcation... is that you?

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Final advice from a long-term traveler and nomad: it might just be time to live this life long-term. As your workcation comes to an end, try to reflect and consider if this is a lifestyle for you. Striking the balance between work and play might not be something you want to do, some people enjoy that clean divide between work and vacation. But if you feel like this rhythm of life is going to be hard to let go of, maybe it is time to search up those digital nomad visas and delve into the world of remote work. 

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