As Halloween approaches, search trends reveal a growing interest in Halloween travel. To guide thrill-seekers in their quest for the perfect spooky destination, Camping World has combed through Google searches to unearth the 20 Most Popular Haunted Locations in the US.

These top 10 haunted destinations offer a spectrum of experiences, from chilling prisons and mysterious streets to natural wonders and historic hotels. Whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast or a history buff, these destinations are sure to provide thrill-worthy Halloween entertainment for this year’s spookiest holiday.

Winchester Mystery House – California

Leading the pack, the Winchester Mystery House in California takes the top spot. With a staggering 74,000 monthly searches and 888,000 annual searches, it’s clear that this architectural enigma, known for its bewildering design, has captured the imaginations of countless Halloween travelers.

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia

Not far behind is the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, with 60,500 monthly searches and 726,000 annual searches. The haunting history of this once-isolated prison draws visitors seeking an eerie experience like no other.

Main Street – Missouri

Tied for second place with Eastern State Penitentiary is the enigmatic Main Street in Missouri. With the same monthly and annual search numbers, it’s a mystery that’s sure to pique the interest of those seeking a unique Halloween adventure.

Jacob’s Well – Texas

In Texas, Jacob’s Well garners much attention, with 49,500 monthly searches and 594,000 annual searches. This natural wonder is steeped in legend, making it a prime spot for those who prefer their scares served by Mother Nature herself.

The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

Sharing the same monthly and annual search figures is The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The inspiration behind Stephen King’s “The Shining,” this grand old hotel continues to captivate the curious and the fearless.

White Horse Tavern – Rhode Island

Moving east, the White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island garners 22,200 monthly searches and 266,400 annual searches. This historic pub is famous for its ghostly encounters and promises an otherworldly experience.

Masonic Temple Detroit – Michigan

On the same page is the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. It’s another destination worth considering for those in search of haunted history.

Waipi’o Valley – Hawaii

Venturing to the paradise of Hawaii, Waipi’o Valley offers a unique twist to the haunted trend. With 18,100 monthly searches and 217,200 annual searches, it’s a haunting that comes with breathtaking views.

St. Roch Chapel, Yellow Fever Shrine – Louisiana

Louisiana presents two contenders in the top 10, starting with St. Roch Chapel, Yellow Fever Shrine, tied with Waipi’o Valley in terms of search numbers. It’s a historical and eerie site where travelers can delve into the past.

Myrtles Plantation – Louisiana

Completing the list is Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. With the same number of search inquiries as St. Roch Chapel, it’s a location that has stood the test of time and scrutiny from ghost hunters.