Once again Indonesia has upped the ante on its visa policies with its new “Second Home Visa.” To attract the world’s wealthiest and brightest minds, Indonesia is offering a 10-year visa to any professional that has $130,000 US dollars in their bank account. The policy will begin on December 25th or 60 days after the implementation of the new rule.

How it works:

“This is a non-fiscal incentive for certain foreigners to make a positive contribution to the Indonesian economy,” said Acting Director General for Immigration Widodo Ekatjahjana.

Many other countries have thrown their hats into the digital nomad race. Offering visas to the affluent and retired to invigorate their economies. Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, and others have all begun implementing new visa policies to attract people from across the globe. 

A “Better quality of life”

Photo courtesy of Black In Bali

Since the pandemic, many more people around the world are working from home or the cities of their choice. Now more than ever, people have been choosing “quality of life” over the hustle and bustle of major cities in the United States.