Coachella is a festival that showcases both well-known and up-and-coming artists. The event happens in April every year and has become one of the trendiest music events to attend. While most attendees are more concerned with their outfits and ticket type, there is one other thing that impacts the overall experience.

Food is a big part of the festival experience, so the available restaurants are something that festivalgoers should know about. Here is a look at some of the best Coachella restaurants available to 2024 attendees. 

Best Coachella Restaurants

gourmet sliders on a plate
Photo credit: Sameer Waskar

Coachella has about 200,000 people coming from all over the world to enjoy the event. With attendees from various countries and cultures, the art and music festival is bound to offer diverse food options. There are plenty of options around the area including Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant, Pueblo Viejo Grill, and Lavender Bistro. But of course, there are Coachella restaurants that are crowd favorites since it is an all-day event. Check out the types of food that will be there and what the popular restaurant options are. 

Pizza restaurants

Prince Street Pizza 

Fans of New York and Sicilian-style slices will appreciate Prince Street Pizza. The restaurant offers its tasty pizza nationwide but will be most recognizable to recurring Coachella attendees. One of the most popular things to order is the square pepperoni pizza, it has crisp edges and thick cheesy insides. 


This family-owned pizza place will offer its popular Neapolitan pizzas at Coachella. Visitors will notice their fresh and local ingredients and unique flavor profiles. The spicy chomper is a popular pick with multiple cheeses and chili oil on top. 


Tacos 1986 

This taco restaurant offers Tijuana-style tacos. Their handmade tortillas and adobada pork are fan favorites. With some of the freshest ingredients and a widely recognizable brand, people attending Coachella should be sure to try Tacos 1986.

The Goat Mafia 

The Goat Mafia is popular in the Los Angeles area. It has been offering flavorful, traditional birria for a long time. With a recipe that is over 120 years old, the flavors are tried and true. The modern Mexican kitchen even offers gluten-free options. 


Battambong BBQ 

This BBQ spot offers tender smoked meats with a Cambodian flair. The Texas-smoked BBQ is cooked for 17 hours and is served dripping with flavor. The Cambodian influences mean that customers will notice a kick in their food. 

Dog Haus 

This dining option has fried chicken, hot dogs, and burgers. The chain is widely popular and serves award-winning flavors. The restaurant is proud to offer hormone and antibiotic-free meats on King’s Hawaiian bread.


Bang Bang Noodles

This restaurant offers vibrant modern flavors and traditional Chinese cuisine. It is even named after the popular Biang Biang noodle from the Shaanxi Province. This restaurant is based in Culver City, California but is offering its hand-pulled noodles to Coachella ticket holders.  

Farmhouse Thai Kitchen 

This restaurant blends the influence of Chef Kasem Saengsawang’s grandmother and modern culinary practices. The new-generation Thai restaurant brings its customers traditional and nontraditional dishes with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. 

Vegan & Vegetarian

Cena Vegan 

Cena Vegan is another popular choice. The restaurant is based in Los Angeles, so some locals may recognize it. This 100% plant-based Coachella restaurant serves Mexican food. To be more specific, it offers vegan Mexican street food which is a hit with the festival crowd. Some of the popular options are the vegan burrito and nacho boat. 


This plant-based restaurant offers delicious twists on Asian cuisine. Some popular offerings include garlic noodles, dumplings, and fried mushroom bao buns. Attendees can get a taste of Asian comfort food without animal products. 



Since 1949, McConnell’s has been serving fine ice creams. It is famous in the Santa Barbara area and was even titled the best in the world by Time Magazine. This ice cream is sure to elevate a visitor’s experience. McConnell uses local and organic ingredients to maintain their pure and delectable flavor. Those who taste McConnell’s at Coachella and become fans can even order it online and have it shipped to them. 

Backyard Bowls

For a healthy alternative, Coachella festivalgoers should try this restaurant. It specializes in açai bowls and smoothies. This spot is a great option for vegetarians or those that enjoy a raw diet. The bowls are both nutritious and easily portable for convenience. It’s the perfect way to dine on-the-go while enjoying the endless list of live performances Coachella is known for.