San Diego, California is a popular tourist destination with plenty to offer to travelers. With 70 miles of shoreline and a thriving surf culture in Cali, San Diego is a great place for beach lovers. There is so much for travelers to do and see in this city that it may even take them a week’s vacation to fully explore it. This is especially true for travelers who are visiting during the fall since it is an active time for tourism. Fall is the best time to visit San Diego for many reasons, including the weather conditions, how family-friendly the destination is, and the city’s natural beauty. 

Average Temperature This Time of Year

  • 55-75 Degrees F


Although the city does not typically have traditional fall weather, travelers can enjoy this perk of the destination. Instead of dreary conditions travelers can still soak up the last of the summer weather well into the fall season. Vacations between September and November are the best time to visit San Diego. Typically warm weather in the city is best enjoyed during September due to average high temperature around the mid-70s.

The weather makes fall the best time to visit San Diego. 
Pictured: San Diego during sunset
Photo credit:  Jakob Rosen/Unsplash 

Travel Tip: The fall season is considered the sweet spot in San Diego tourism since it is considered the “second summer.” Light layers are recommended throughout fall so travelers can explore the area without catching a chill or overheating. 

Calm Beaches

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches since water temperatures are warm. This means that travelers can enjoy the ocean water comfortably since it is still swimmable. Some of the most popular beaches of San Diego include La Jolla Cove, Windansea Beach, Coronado Beach, and Beacon’s Beach.  

The beaches of San Diego are calm during fall. 
Pictured: a beach in San Diego
Photo credit: Blake Wheeler/Unsplash

Travel Tip: San Diego beaches get chilly at night since temperatures can drop almost 30 degrees at times in comparison to the high temperatures of the day. Travelers should bring a wetsuit for swimming at the beach in San Diego during fall if they are worried about water temperatures. 

Fewer Crowds 

San Diego has smaller crowds during the fall, making it the perfect time for serene exploration outside of the high tourism season. Travelers can enjoy an even more laid-back ambiance with fewer people to photo-bomb or cause annoying lines to attractions, travelers can appreciate a quieter San Diego. Travelers who prioritize relaxation should visit in the fall so they can enjoy the good weather and dwindling crowds. 

There are less crowds in San Diego during the fall. 
Pictured: an empty San Diego
Photo credit: Felix Wöstmann/Unsplash

Travel Tip: To avoid crowds, visit San Diego between late September and November. Travelers may even be able to appreciate lower hotel rates during the fall season. 


Oktoberfest is a popular event in San Diego during the fall season. In the middle of October, travelers can take part in an appreciation of German culture and traditions. Fall is the time for travelers to enjoy the annual Oktoberfest. The San Diego Oktoberfest has Bavarian music, beer, sausage, and festival activities. There are family-friendly activities, adult events, and thrilling local parties during San Diego’s Oktoberfest. Other activities travelers can enjoy during Oktoberfest in San Diego include contests, giveaways, and even a carnival. 

Oktoberfest is an event during fall in San Diego that travelers should not miss out on. 
Pictured: a carnival ride at Oktoberfest
Photo credit: Antoinette Biehlmeier/Unsplash 

Travel Tip: Travelers should arrive at Oktoberfest early so they can gain entry easier. La Mesa Oktoberfest is San Diego’s largest Bavarian celebration, a great event for travelers to attend. 

Kids Free Month 

October is Kids Free Month in San Diego. Families and groups will be able to save money during this month since it is an opportunity for discounts. Kids Free Month is when the zoo, many museums, and even theme parks offer free admission for children. Fall is a great time for tourists who are traveling with children to explore the attractions of the city. Introduce the family to the city while saving money and making memories. 

San Diego is family friendly during fall. 
Pictured: a child on the swings in San Diego
Photo credit: Olivia Bauso/Unsplash

Travel Tip: Kids 12 and under typically receive free admission when they attend certain events (over 50 San Diego sites) with a paid adult.

Halloween Festivities 

There are many fall festivals for travelers to attend to celebrate Halloween in San Diego. The city has events appropriate for all ages. Family-friendly fests, haunted tours, and trick-or-treating events take place throughout the city during fall. Travelers can visit pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and spooky encounters in October during their San Diego visit. 

Travelers should go to San Diego during fall.
Pictured: pumpkins in San Diego
Photo credit: Mark Duffel/Unsplash

Travel Tip: If travelers intend to go out at night during Halloween in San Diego, it would be wise to invest in glow sticks. If travelers keep these illuminating sticks visible at night they are cheaply investing in safety while exploring the city. 

San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival 

The San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is an event that occurs in November. This festival is a relaxing cultural showcase that has some of the world’s premier wines. The international showcase is a highly anticipated annual event that usually lasts a week. Travelers should be sure to enjoy some food, wine, and beer from Southern California during their fall visit. The world-renowned food festival has a stunning background that will allow travelers to take envy-worthy vacation photos.

This wine and food festival is popular in San Diego during fall.
Pictured: wine during sunset in San Diego
Photo credit: Dan Porcupile/Unsplash

Travel Tip: This grand festival is usually held in a grassy area with hundreds of booths, so travelers should wear comfortable shoes. Travelers should also try to get tickets early since they typically cost between $150 to $300 each. 

Autumn Festivities at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

There are many events for travelers to enjoy in San Diego to experience wildlife sightings. The San Diego Safari Park is free for kids during October. It is one of the places that travelers can enjoy during kids free month to save money. The autumn festival is an event that is celebrated throughout the safari park during October. Travelers can enjoy the live music at the festival jamboree, interactive character meet and greets, playground activities, and a floating lantern event with dancing. 

The autumn festivals of the San Diego Zoo are very popular. 
Pictured: flamingos at the San Diego Zoo
Photo credit: Victoria Landavazo/Unsplash

Travel Tip: A full day is enough time to fully explore the safari park. Travelers can download the park’s app to find restaurants, create a day planner, use a GPS park map, find different things to do, and even reserve a safari. 

The top reasons travelers should travel to San Diego during this season are the weather, seasonal events, and unique sites. Travelers can discover many more benefits to traveling to San Diego during this time when they visit, especially if they appreciate less crowded places and stunning scenery.