Walking is a great way to stay active and healthy, and finding the perfect pair of shoes can make all the difference.

Even a low-impact activity like walking can do wonders for physical and mental health. It also doesn’t put the pressure on your knees that running and jogging do. And, depending on your speed, you could burn a considerable amount of calories. However, you want to make sure your walking shoes fit well and give your feet the support they need. After all, they are responsible for carrying you all day.

For men who want both style and comfort, we’ve rounded up the best walking shoes on the market.

Gravity Defyer Walking Shoes

These walking shoes are specifically designed for men who already experience knee pain or want to prevent knee pain down the line.

The VersoShock Patented Technology works to relieve pain in the knees, while the roomy toe area allows for greater comfort and better circulation. Feet will also benefit from the durable mesh, which is good for ventilation. Nobody wants to experience a sweaty foot if they can help it.

Lastly, there are a few variations of this shoe available in grey, black, blue, red and white.

Rockport Men’s Walking Shoes

These shoes look best in black, but you can also get them in dark brown/black, taupe suede and steel grey suede. Whichever you choose, you’ll look stylish and feel comfortable, too.

The breathable interiors are soft, yet solid enough to give necessary support. This line of shoes is also fitted with shock absorption technology with cushioning in the heel that will last a long time.

Pair these with either casual or slightly more formal attire.

Feethit Slip On Walking Shoes

You might like these walking shoes enough to purchase several pairs in different colors. The holes are densely ventilated, enabling whoever’s wearing the shoe to have lightweight support. Soft foam is attached to the lining of the sneakers to make them as comfortable as possible.

The best feature of the Feethit walking shoes is that you may forget you have them on. Not only can you wear them for walking, but you can also use them for higher-impact activities like jogging, hiking, and working out at the gym.

OrthoComfoot Shoes

OrthoComfoot Shoes
OrthoComfoot Shoes

These lightweight, orthopedic shoes are designed for men with plantar fasciitis. They are also a good fit for those with flat feet, heel pain, bunions, arthritis and other conditions.

Whether you wear these outdoors or indoors, they’ll keep your feet comfortable and well-supported. And unlike other shoes, they are easy to slip on and off. There aren’t laces either, so there’s no chance of laces coming undone.

Choose from the following variations: denim, black, khaki, classic grey, light grey and several others.

XIDISO Men’s Walking Shoes

These breathable, lightweight walking shoes are sure to turn heads. You can lace them up for a long walk, run or any sports activity. The black shoes with the orange accents look particularly cool, but there are other varieties available as well to suit your style preferences, such as grey and yellow, red, white and blue, beige and orange and red.

As for sizes, depending on the color, these walking shoes are available in a size 6.5 all the way to 12.5.

No need to worry about slipping on certain terrain with these. These walking shoes are fitted with a non-slip sole.

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