Black Man Denied Access To Plane, Accuses Delta Of Racial Discrimination
Photo Credit: Photo by Miguel Angel Sanz

Photo Credit: Photo by Miguel Angel Sanz

Black Man Denied Access To Plane, Accuses Delta Of Racial Discrimination

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Dec 19, 2022

Darnell Walker, who specializes in documentaries and writing children’s television programs, accused Delta of racism.

According to The Independent, Walker “was flying home from an Emmys award ceremony in Los Angeles. He was prevented from boarding a Delta flight, while a group of white passengers were waved through.”

“As a constant traveler and explorer, it benefits me to believe the world is a good place,” Walker expressed in an email to the publication. “So when meeting people so rude and disrespectful, it makes me question a lot.”

Walker shared the shocking experience in a tweet.

Delta said they had “zero tolerance for discrimination in any form. While we investigate what this customer alleges to that end, we are also in touch with the customer directly to hear more about their experience.

Walker Narrowly Made It To The Gate On Time

The screenwriter said he got to the gate at Los Angeles International Airport, “17 minutes before it was due to depart for Boston.”

A gate attendant told him he was too late to board, but allowed passengers behind Walker to go through.

Walker tagged Delta on Twitter, saying, “your employee didn’t let me onto the flight because I’m Black.”

What Did The Tweet Say?

Walker tweeted: “Gate agent said it was too late to get on my flight. It wasn’t. Told me to get rebooked at CS, then he scanned in the people behind me.”

“Me: Wait. How did they get on and I didn’t?”

“Agent: Go over there.”

“Woman behind me: This seems racist.”

“Agent: It is.”

Walker also included a picture of the unnamed agent.

Walker Posted An Update And Twitter Users Were Incensed

Apparently, when Walker told the agent that he would be filing a complaint, he covered his badge and nonchalantly said, “I look forward to reading it.”

He also said he didn’t have to provide his name.

Francisco Fernández wrote, “sounds about white to me- such a damn shame anytime, but after a weekend of Emmy celebration!” He placed an annoyed emoji at the end.

BSquared06 didn’t bite his tongue: “douchebag POS.”

My Name Is Will tagged Delta and said, “we need a statement about the termination of his employment by the end of the week.”


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