Providence is a place that combines the feeling of a small town with the culture and vibrancy of a big city.  With a thriving art scene, renowned restaurants, and diverse neighborhoods, Providence is a small city that packs a major punch. Though the city has been criticized for its lack of black-owned restaurants in the past, here are a few that are still standing strong and need our continued support.    

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Food For The Soul

This southern-inspired restaurant is serving your mama’s soul food and barbeque. Located on Admiral Street in Providence, this highly-rated restaurant is known for its fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and hospitality. Stop through for lunch and enjoy this local favorite.

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Black Sheep

Beer, cocktails, wine, and great food, Black Sheep is the perfect spot to end your day. You can enjoy a varied menu of wings, burgers, salads, and starters like smoked brisket sliders and mac & cheese with local company and warm hospitality.

Island House

Island House Restaurant is the premier Jamaican restaurant in Rhode Island. From 6 flavor chicken to beef patties and coco bread, you’ll get your mix of traditional Jamaican cuisine along with some southern comfort food to feed the soul.

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SoulFull is a Rhode Island-based food truck and catering company serving only the highest quality fried chicken paired with locally sourced ingredients and side dishes. Chef Bobby brings 20 years of experience to his menu of fried chicken, wings, hand-cut fries, and empanadas.