As technology continues to make our lives easier, one airline has taken the next step into the future with biometric verification. Last week at Los Angeles Airport, Air New Zealand passengers became the first to test out life without boarding passes.

No Boarding Pass Needed

The airline’s goal is to provide a speedy and seamless boarding process for passengers.

When passengers enter the United States they use their biometric information to register with Customs Border Protection. Then after they use the airport kiosks their information is logged and used again when confirming their identity at the boarding gate. The information is secured by Customs and not made available to Air New Zealand or any airline at all.

Seamless Process

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Chief digital officer at Air New Zealand, Nikhil Ravishankar states the biometric process will save passengers much more travel time as well as create a seamless process for airline staff.

“We’ve heard from customers that they want their airport experience to be hassle-free and technology is a key enabler of that. According to IATA, more than 75 percent of customers see huge value in biometric verification and want to use it instead of passports and boarding passes.”

“The feedback from the more than 1000 customers who have used this technology to board our flights has been positive,” Ravishankar said.

Air New Zealand is in the process of expanding its boarding process domestically and internationally.

Ravishankar said “Contactless technology changes are coming thick and fast and we’re continuing to learn and adapt to innovations that will make travel easier. In the new travel era, we need simplicity, not complexity.”