Columbiana, Ohio is a small town that is known for its woodland events and fine crafters. Throughout the year, the city hosts many outdoor events, including Christmas in the Woods. It was declared the nicest place in America in 2019 by Reader’s Digest and has plenty of community events that bring together nature and locals. 

Even though the quaint city is not highly populated, it is near some well known cities. Canton, Ohio is around 40 miles away from Columbiana, Ohio which equates to an hour drive. Unlike some of the bigger surrounding cities of Ohio, Columbiana is a more rural destination. The terrain and culture of the city is rooted in the thriving nature and the people’s connection to the earth.

The celebration of Christmas in the Woods is a type of exhibition that has been occurring for nearly 30 years. Travelers may find that this demonstration is a nice way of getting back to nature and preparing for the holidays, making Christmas in the Woods a great opportunity to have a unique travel experience during the season. 

What Is Christmas in the Woods?

Christmas in the Woods is a themed celebration in Ohio that has plenty to do.
Pictured: the vibrant woods of Ohio

Christmas in the Woods is a themed festival celebration for the holiday season. The event has many crafters showcasing their work, as well as entertainment. The festival hosts a large group of artisans, which visitors can peruse throughout the grounds. The festival is located on manicured grounds with booths decorated in an old-fashioned holiday theme. 

Things To Do at Christmas in the Woods

Travelers who want to enjoy the musical performances of the festival can check the entertainment schedule, which lists the lineup of each festival day. Visitors can even participate in a daily activity, which usually entails group face painting or caricatures. Children can even visit Santa in the woods at one of the festival booths. There are over 200 craftspeople that attend the festival, so visitors of the event can check out hand-crafted candles, leather products, pottery and many other types of holiday items. 

How To Get to Columbiana, Ohio

Columbiana, Ohio is an underrated location that has unique Christmas celebrations.
Pictured: Ohio’s thriving forest and lake on a bright sunny day

The grounds are only minutes away from the Pennsylvania state line. This means that travelers can get to the Christmas in the Woods festival easily since it is not a remote location and has different state airports nearby. The Pittsburgh International Airport is the closest international airport to Columbiana. The Columbiana County Airport is just 15 miles away from Columbiana, but many travelers fly into the Pennsylvania International Airport and make the 50 minute drive (via rental car) to the small city so they can explore the area. 

When To Go to Christmas in the Woods

Christmas in the Woods is open for a limited time. Throughout October visitors can enjoy the forest soirée. Since the event occurs earlier than the Christmas season, visitors of the event can prepare themselves for the holidays. The event is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm every day, whether it rains or not. Admission is cash only and costs $10, but for children admission is free. All the entertainment at the festival is free, so all visitors have access to the festive fun.