Picture this: days spent exploring fertile rainforests, visiting waterfalls and luxuriating on beautiful white sand beaches, and then nights spent dancing under the stars, club hopping and drinking Carib beer. That was my experience of Grenada.

I’m pretty sure I fell in love before I even arrived. From the first glimpse of land as the plane descended, I had high hopes, and Grenada didn’t disappoint. Less well-known than some of its neighboring islands (like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados, for example), Grenada is for travelers seeking picturesque lush landscapes, award-winning beaches (Grenada’s Grand Anse beach often features in the world’s top beaches lists) and an overall unforgettable experience. Grenada shouldn’t be overlooked.


Although much quieter outside of Carnival season, which kicks off in August, Grenada’s nightlife can be enjoyed year-round. One of my favorites was the “Golden Oldies” theme nights on Wednesdays at Fantazia, where old school records are played in abundance, and a large crowd of all ages expect to hear everything from 70’s soul and pop (which is mainly Abba), right through to 90’s R&B. No holiday to Grenada is complete without the obligatory trip to Gouyave, a fishing village on the west coast, which is host to an open-air street party-type gathering of seafood lovers each and every Friday night, where vendors play the latest calypso and soca songs to entice Grenadians and tourists alike to their stalls. There are lively local bars on pretty much every street corner as well, where you can listen to reggae and dancehall music whilst you digest your food.

Aside from the infectious music, a fantastic feature of the clubs in Grenada are the gorgeous waterfront locations. Situated at the end of Grand Anse beach is Aquarium, a cozily casual restaurant by day, and jam-packed club by night; Dodgy Dock, a lounge bar which boasts a breathtaking harbour view, plays live music three times a week and has amazing bartenders who can conjure up anything your heart desires; and then there’s Karma, one of the most popular clubs, which overlooks the scenic Carenage in St. George’s.

The best way to recover from a hectic week in Grenada, and the way the locals choose to unwind, is to visit Bathway beach on a Sunday afternoon. This is where all of the action takes place – family gatherings, amateur sports games, authentic food, and drinks galore – make sure you don’t leave without tasting Oil down; an extravaganza of mixed meats (it is more or less the national dish). Trust me, it’s best accompanied by Grenada’s own (overproof) River’s rum!

Exquisite beaches and an active nightlife aren’t all that Grenada has to offer – for travelers seeking a more cultural and historical experience, the Grenada National Museum in St. George’s, the Underwater Sculpture Park in Molinere Bay and Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs are great places to start. A short tour of the distillery at the River Antoine Estate in St. Patrick gives you first-hand access to the production process behind the making of River’s. And, as a bonus you get to sample all of the flavours, and make discounted purchases at the end of the tour!


There’s something about Grenada. Affectionately referred to as the ‘isle of spice’ for so much more than just the faint scent of nutmeg in the warm air that lingers so long that by the end of your trip, you’re sure you can taste it… this island is an unspoilt beauty.

Grenada definitely didn’t disappoint.

This story was curated by Camilla-Astrid.