New artwork at Disney Springs is honoring Black music and its impact on the world.

The latest piece to be installed at Disney Springs Art Walk: A Canvas of Expression, is a beautiful musical piece by Everett Spruill. It’s the remnant of a New Orleans Jazz Club from the past, or for some of us, Sunday morning church service.

Spruill says his latest piece is an ongoing celebration of his notable artwork that pays homage to Black music.

“I’m inspired by music. That’s what determines what I paint,” he tells Travel Noire. “I want to document as many local musicians as well as the international Black artists as I can to contribute to documenting the history and culture.”

In part to preserving the history of jazz music, Spruill is also on a mission to make sure it’s never forgotten.

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“Jazz has been on the decline,” he says. “I’m an old head trying to bring it back, and art is one way.”

Spruill says it’s important to keep jazz alive because it’s the root of the music we listen to today.

“The American genres are built around jazz and the blues. Everyone from The [Rolling] Stones to the current hip hop artists is sampling jazz. It’s the root of all of our music.”

The team at Walt Disney World launched the art walk in May 2022 and has already worked with seven artists. Spruill’s mural was introduced in June during Black Music Month.

“Our desire with this is that hopefully, it will spark some conversations between families and friends visiting the property together,” says Darcy Clark, senior marketing strategy manager for Disney Springs. “We want this, especially for many families with younger kids.”

She adds, “[parents] may not take the time to bring their kids to an art museum, but they are coming to Disney Springs. This is a great way to introduce them to art and what art can be as a canvas for expression.”

Celebrating Soulfully

Taking a stroll through Disney’s Art Walk is just one-way guests can Celebrate Soulfully at the resort. Disney introduced its soulful celebrations in 2021 to celebrate Black culture through food, music, and art.

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