It’s that time of year for London when the fashion industry’s elite will gather in the city. London’s Fashion Week, which runs this year from Feb. 17 to Feb. 21, attracts everyone from influencers and celebrities to fashion lovers worldwide, who want to get a sneak peek of the next season’s attire.

For those headed to network or sightsee, Travel Noire has put together a list of restaurants where you may find some of fashion’s elite. Similar to New York, London’s culture is very vibrant. You can expect to experience and eat at some amazing culinary options. Here are some of the fanciest places to dine during London’s Fashion Week.

Sketch — A London FashionWeek Favorite

Photo Credit: Sketch

If you’re searching for an afternoon tea experience, you must head to Sketch.

The three-Michelin-star eatery is made up of multiple rooms with a separate menu for each. Sketch also is known for its quirky decor, since each room has a different design. The afternoon tea package is valued at about $100 per person when you add champagne.

This eatery is one of London’s most sought-after afternoon tea locations, so make a reservation or show up as soon as the doors open to secure a spot.

34 Mayfair

Photo Credit: 34 Mayfair

Located in the famous Grosvenor Square, 34 Mayfair is one elite dining experience where you can be sure to catch someone famous during London Fashion Week. 34 Mayfair brings out the best and biggest foodies in the world.

Their decor and ambiance are very classy, similar to a five-star restaurant you would find in San Francisco or New York.

The portions given are done masterfully and plated with precision. The cuisine at 34 Mayfair will only add to your experience in London during fashion week.

Sexy Fish — For The True Fashion Week Elite

Photo Credit: Sexy Fish

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you’ll love Sexy Fish.

Located in Berkeley Square, Sexy Fish is a Japanese-inspired restaurant bar. They are open seven days a week, and they offer three menus: an a la carte menu, a late-night menu, and a Kuikku menu.

Sexy Fish is also known for having the largest Japanese Whiskey collection in the world. You’ll be sure to run into a designer or two during Fashion Week, as their sushi and sashimi are the raves among locals and celebrities.

Amozonico London — A Fashion Week Hidden Gem

Photo Credit: Amozonico London

Amozonico, located in London’s Berkeley Square, definitely has the vibe you are looking for. Founded by a husband and wife team, Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, from Spain, their food is inspired by “cultural diversity and gastronomic heritage from the Amazon region.”

After their launching their first successful in Spain, they decided to open another one in London. An amazing blend of Latin American and Asian-inspired cuisines. The restaurant feels like you’ve been transported to a tropical rainforest, and a live band plays in the restaurant while a DJ spins “electropical” music by the bar. 

Petersham Nurseries

Photo Credit: Petersham Nurseries

This restaurant is located inside a greenhouse cultivated by the Boglione Family.

At Petersham Nurseries, you should expect traditional Italian-style dishes blended with British food culture. The Boglione family managed to craft a menu that stays true to their Italian roots and celebrates British dishes.

It is one of the most beautiful restaurant experiences you could ever imagine. Although it may be a little bit more expensive, you can’t put a price on amazing food within the most serene atmosphere.