Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, flight searches have soared from all over the world. In particular, travel startup Hopper announced that there was a surge in flight searches from the U.S. to London following the announcement. It was noted that there was a 49% spike in comparison to the previous day.

Naturally this is an advantageous move for those traveling from the U.S. as the British pound is weak, making the UK more affordable. Many in the U.S. are aware of this and searching with this in mind.

Opinions about the role of Queen Elizabeth across several formerly colonised/Commonwealth nations have been of principal focus on social media. It seems many are still looking to travel to Britain, perhaps in time for the funeral on September 19.

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The search:

Globally, flight searches to London rose by 40% in comparison to the day previous. Hopper said that flight searches rose by 41% in comparison to 3 hours before the announcement of her death.