Have a girls trip coming up? Or planning a family excursion? JetBlue may have a great solution for your next group vacation.

Introducing Troupe, a new free app that makes planning trips such as a bachelor party or family reunions seamless.

The app allows for multiple people to plan the group trip together. Instead of one person managing the whole process and organizing an itinerary on their own. Now, groups of friends can contribute ideas on all the components of a fun group trip.

“Anyone who has organized a vacation with a group of friends or family knows that getting everyone to agree on details can take the fun out of travel planning,” stated Andres Barry, president of JetBlue Travel Products.

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With Troupe, travelers can collectively make decisions on important components, such as dates, destinations, places to stay, and potential activities. Unlike group texts, where ideas and messages get lost or forgotten over time – the app makes all the planning much easier. The app also allows for sharing photos and videos of destinations and accommodations. You can share links on hotels or restaurants and members can leave feedback and comment. Once everyone has shared their ideas, the app has a voting function where details of the trip can be finalized.

Once all decisions are finalized the app sends out RSVPs to all parties involved. Everyone also has access to the trip itinerary under one selection on the app.

“There’s no denying that planning a vacation for a large group can be overwhelming, especially when everyone’s requirements are different,” stated Alexandra Zubko, CEO of Troupe. “Troupe was designed to make group trip planning fun, not stressful, and working with JetBlue Travel Products to bring this product to life was a no-brainer.”