Guns Found At Two Airports In Pennsylvania On The Same Day
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Maxzzerzz

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Maxzzerzz

Guns Found At Two Airports In Pennsylvania On The Same Day

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Oct 28, 2022

Pennsylvania, you got some explaining to do! Last Friday guns were seized from two different airports in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Steel-er

At the checkpoint of Pittsburgh International Airport, one man had a .40 caliber handgun with a box of bullets. The firearm and ammunition were found in the passenger’s carry-on bag. The police were notified immediately and arrested the man at the checkpoint as well as confiscated his gun.

Loaded Gun In Harrisburg Airport


The Western District’s U.S. States Attorney’s Office told the county sheriffs to rescind the passenger’s firearm license. The act of taking a firearm onto a plane is against state policy.

Another gun was found at Harrisburg International Airport on the same day. TSA agents found the gun in the x-ray machine at the security checkpoint. The resident was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun in his carry-on bag. This was the eighth gun TSA officers have found at this same airport this year.

Penalties For Carrying A Firearm

TSA has the right to issue a penalty of close to $14,000 for bringing weapons to a checkpoint. The penalty can apply to those with or without concealed gun carry permits. Either way, a weapon is not supposed to be in your carry-on. A firearm can go into your checked baggage as long as it has been declared at the ticket counter and all safety measures have been in place. To learn more on how to properly travel with firearms you can read about it here.

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