Large-scale, in-person events have returned, including major international travel shows. These events attract the “who’s who” of the travel world and representatives from hotels, cruises, and tourist boards. After COVID gutted travel, people spent 2022 making up for the disaster of the preceding two years. For those who work in the travel industry, travel conventions offer a chance to rekindle old alliances and forge new ones. If you’re planning on attending a travel expo, there are some things you should know to ensure you fully benefit from the event. Here are five tips.

1. Research In Advance

Look up the vendors and make a list of the ones you want to visit the most. It is not uncommon for these expos to have hundreds of exhibitors. Be sure to check out the cultural events planned and jot down the times of forums and panels you want to attend so you don’t miss them.

2. Spread Out Your Time

Travel expos are often held in massive convention centers capable of holding thousands of people. Instead of rushing to see everything at once in just a few hours, consider spreading out your time to fully enjoy the experience. Take breaks as needed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

3. Bring Your Own Food

There is usually food at these expos, but the selection is typically limited and expensive. Considering packing some of your own. This will ensure you have something tasty and filling and will also save you some money.

4. Bring A Portable Charger

There’s nothing more annoying than your phone dying mid-convention. Actually, there is. What if there are no available sockets? It’s always good to have a portable charger on hand in case of an emergency, so remember to bring yours.

5. Network, Network, Network!

Even if you aren’t necessarily working in the travel industry, you can still network. Are you a voice-over actor? Maybe one of the tourist boards could use you for a commercial or tourism material. Are you a travel agent looking to acquire some new inventory? Talk to property owners and managers about promoting their homes to potential clients.

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