Looking for a holiday gift guide featuring unique treats from all over the world? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

Travel enthusiasts will likely agree that one of the joys of globetrotting is tasting your way through a new location. Experiencing a culture’s unique cuisine is one of the many gifts of setting out to see the world.  But if time or funds force you to limit your expeditions, there’s still a way to connect with other cultures through their foods.

Our unique holiday gift guide features Universal Yums — a great way to get tasty treats from all over the world.

Universal Yums offers an at-your-door service, delivering snacks from international destinations right to your front step. There are three options: The Yum Box which has up to seven snacks, The Yum Yum Box which has up to twelve snacks and the Super Yum Box which has up to eighteen snacks and a unique drink. Each box also comes with trivia and games and some include recipes and other bonus content. You can make a one-time box purchase or subscribe to have the international snacks sent to your home monthly through the company’s website. These boxes make a great holiday gift too! Gather your family and friends for a yum or yuck test as you taste your way around the world.

Spicy Chips Variety Pack

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A variety of countries are representedin this box featuring a beloved crispy snack. Try twelve different chip varieties including maple and spicy chicken flavored corn puffs, garlic plantain chips and chicken larb flavored seaweed chips. Inside the box you’ll also find an illustrated insert detailing every product. Amp up the fun by trying the chip varieties with a group of friends. Enjoy discussing other cultures, geography, history and even future travel plans!

Italy Box

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With the Italy box you can laugh, savor and debate your way through the Mediterranean country. Inside you’ll find snacks like tomato and oregano bruschetta bites that will transport you to Tuscany and milk chocolate popcorn bites that are a perfect blend of decadent Italian popcorn and crunchy kernels. As you taste, make sure to play trivia, enjoy interactive games and learn snack history from the more than twelve page booklet that will guide your journey.  

Premium International Snack Food

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This box is for those looking for a little taste of a lot of places. Inside you’ll find snacks from Ecuador, Greece, Peru and Thailand among many other locales. The tasty treats are a mix of sweet and savory to please just about every palette. Garlic plantain chips, chicken larb seaweed chips and blue raspberry bon bons are just a few of the interesting bites you’ll get to experience. This box also comes with an apple flavored soda to help wash all those snacks down.

Gummy Variety Pack

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Gummy candy lovers, this one’s for you! The European candy box is full of gummy treats from Spain, France, Britain, Greece and Sweden. Candies include spicy mango gummies, sour tutti frutti gummies, mini blackcurrant chews,  mocktail bon bons and wine gummies. Reviewers suggest pairing this particular box with a movie night to make the holidays extra special and unique.

South Korea Box

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What’s better than K-pop? How about K-snacks! South Korea is the inspiration for this Yum Box that’s stuffed with snacks including spicy chicken flavored corn puffs and super-juicy peach chews. You’ll also find a grape soft drink with chewy bits of coconut jelly. Don’t forget to give the interactive games inside a try while tasting your way through the East Asian nation.

Cookie Variety Pack

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Exotic and fun flavors fill this box of sweet treats. The cookie variety pack comes with dulce de leche wafer cookies, coconut flavored sugar cookies and mixed nut butter cookies. But it’s the mascarpone-filled shortbread cookies that really have our mouths watering.  In all, you’ll receive 11 cookie options from several countries including Colombia, India and Thailand. Consider giving this box as a gift to the teens, college students or co-workers in your life.


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