Q (@q2travel) is a travel vlogger who decided to embark on a road trip across Latin America in order to prioritize what she wanted to do in life. A native of Indianapolis, she started her adventure last year, planning to drive from Mexico to Argentina, and sharing her story on Instagram and TikTok.

Q has already visited eight countries in the region, where she said she is having an amazing life experience. Travel Noire spoke with the digital influencer about this amazing journey and what it means to her.

Becoming a traveler

“I left home when I was 17 to become a medical technician. At 18 I took a work assignment overseas in Sicily for three years. This experience ignited my passion for travel and opened my eyes to new worlds. Upon returning to the States, I felt misguided and lost for several years before realizing that travel is a necessary part of my life. I could no longer look at the world the same way as my American peers. I had seen the other side and I knew most wouldn’t understand. After letting toxic relationships hold me back, I decided to put myself first and pursue a life abroad. Starting with Mexico. I lived in Mexico for over a year before deciding to embark on my Pan-American road trip. I was enjoying my time in Mexico, but I also wanted to see so much more of what Latin America had to offer.”


Passion for roadtrips

“I have been interested in a Pan-American road trip for years. While living in Sicily, I bought what was known as a “beater”; a car that was to be driven for a couple of years and then sold before you left the island. My friends and I drove that beater into the ground. We went from beach to beach and on weekend trips across the island, to nearby cities, to downtown, etc. That’s where my international road trip journey began. When I think back, at that time in my life it was really my coming of age chapter and I felt so limitless and free. I was 19 driving throughout Sicily and partying on the beach since the legal drinking age was 18.”


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Traveling across Latin America

“I distinctly remember back in 2019 I built my first skootle and I told my ex I wanted to drive throughout Mexico and Central America. They said I was crazy and they would never drive with me. They said the most they could do was fly out to see me, amongst some other ignorant stereotypes that too many Americans perpetuate. Their strong reaction to my dreams was enough to make me push it to the back of my mind. I really stepped into my power during that relationship; it shook something in me. I dropped the dead weight and two years later I was on the road. I made a decision to do this for myself because I was given this vision, these skills, and this life for a reason. I decided that it was okay if others didn’t see the vision because it was made to be seen by my eyes, most importantly.”


Traveling and learning

“The most important lesson I have learned is that your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will have. That includes self-love, self-trust, and also learning to reparent yourself. I have been in many situations where I had to put full trust in myself and the fact that I had the skills to lead myself to safety no matter what. You will never be able to control all the elements around you; all you can do is prepare.”

Remarkable experiences

“The most remarkable experiences on this journey have been the moments I’ve been coasting on the highway with my window down experiencing pure euphoria. Wanderlust is real and the euphoria I experience traveling is unmatched. It is my drug and sometimes I worry if I will ever be able to lead a peaceful, boring life. Sometimes I wonder what my life will look like after this journey or if there’s any going back. Once you’ve been bitten by the wander bug it settles in your core and rises like kundalini (In Hinduism, kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine) until you finally release your worldly desire.”

Follow Q’s adventures in Latin America on her Instagram account or on her TikTok page.

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