Inside Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a restaurant where you can try some of the boldest flavors from regions around the world but one that stands out is the bold flavors of countries in Africa. And it comes as no surprise as Tiiffins Restaurant is led by Kenyan chef David Njoroge. 

Njoroge says it was his schooling and experience that prepared him to meet the moment of creating cuisine representing primarily Asian and African countries. 

“My schooling in culinary was done in Kenya at a school called Kenya Rotary College,” the Kenyan chef told Travel Noire during an interview. “At that time, it was one of the main schooling offers, not just in Kenya, but throughout Africa.” 

Chef Njoroge says he approaches the kitchen each day ready to showcase the bold flavors you will find in African cuisine.

Photo Credit: Parker Diakite

“When I say bold, it’s not necessarily to put anyone off, it’s just food that is so flavorful it really plays with your palate. On the menu, I wouldn’t say there’s a particular item that is inspired by my home country. I look at it more as cultural throughout Africa as a whole, because there’s a lot of similarities even though the cuisine is different from region to region. We use the same spices, but it’s how we put them together that makes a difference.”

There are a lot of amazing restaurants offered throughout Walt Disney World at the theme parks and resorts, but Tiffins is one-of-a-kind. 

“At Tiffins, because of the travels of the [Disney] Imagineers [team] throughout the world, that allows us to showcase different regions. Whether it’s Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America as a whole, we try to showcase that throughout our many menu rotations. That is the biggest difference between this signature restaurant and others that you will find here at Walt Disney World.”

Photo Credit: Parker Diakite