Line To View Queen's Coffin Stretches To Five Miles, Prompting Cut Off By Officials
Photo Credit: Photo by Peter Albanese

Photo Credit: Photo by Peter Albanese

Line To View Queen's Coffin Stretches To Five Miles, Prompting Cut Off By Officials

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 16, 2022

As Queen Elizabeth II lies in state at Westminster Hall until her funeral on September 19, the line of people hoping to pay their respects stretched for miles. This kind of robust turnout is hardly surprising for Britain’s beloved and longest- serving monarch.

According to Washington Examiner, “The Queue began forming on Monday, days before her coffin arrived at Westminster Hall on Thursday. Officials have confirmed the line is at least 5 miles long, although it could actually be longer due to an uncounted portion of the queue where people have gathered in a zigzag formation.”

Westminster Hall has been witness to such grandeur for centuries. Washington Examiner notes that the line is “in central London and stretches all the way to Southwark Park.”

Officials informed mourners at the rear of the line that they “could be standing in line for up to 14 hours before reaching Westminster.”

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport maintains the line. They cautioned early on Friday morning that if the line reached capacity, they would have to block entry. Not even an hour later “the department announced that new people would not be able to join the line for six hours.”

The Queen’s death has dominated British news for over a week.

At 6:30 AM on September 19, officials will transfer the coffin to St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Queen’s final resting place will be near that of her mother, husband, father and sister.

The chapel is also where Henry VIII, known for his six wives and establishing the Church of England, is buried.

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