After a hectic post-pandemic period of travel chaos, travelers are taking additional measures to regain control of their flying experience. Placing AirTags in checked luggage gives individuals security in knowing where their belongings are located at a moment’s notice.

However, if you’re traveling with Lufthansa anytime soon, you should be aware of the airlines’ recent announcement. Lufthansa is banning the use of active tracking devices on checked-in luggage.

“Lufthansa is banning activated AirTags from luggage,” the German airline wrote on Twitter, “as they are classified as dangerous and need to be turned off.”

Lufthansa followed the announcement with its reasoning behind why Apple AirTags are classified as dangerous, sharing via Twitter:

“According to ICAO [International Civil Aviation Organisation] guidelines, baggage trackers are subject to the dangerous goods regulations,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

“Furthermore, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be deactivated during the flight if they are in checked baggage and cannot be used as a result.”

Lufthansa plane sitting at gate at the airport
Lufthansa is banning use of active AirTags for checked-in luggage. | Photo Credit: Alan Angelats

‘Tracking bags is necessary’

Understandably so, the overwhelming response is travelers are not happy with the new call. 

“Being able to track our bags is necessary given the luggage crisis this year,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Why complicate your passengers’ travel experience even more. This is crazy.”


“You guys just lost a customer,” one person Tweeted. “I am banning you.”

“Probably I’ll pick other airlines that allow people to track their luggage,” another said.

If you’re committed to using your AirTag, Lufthansa may not be the airline for you.


Social outrage:

Many people online have accused Lufthansa of banning bag tags to mask their own errors.

“Is it dangerous or is Lufthansa trying to save itself from the embarrassment of dealing with lost luggage?” one person wrote.

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“What a ridiculous and obvious attempt to cover your own failings,” said another.

Others said the decision will prove to be a costly decision for the airline.

A version of this article was originally published on Yahoo News Australia.