A new route on a famous luxury European train is set to begin this summer. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express will begin its journey from Paris, France to Portofino, Italy for the first time ever on June 20.

The new luxury route is reported to be a once-a-year occurrence that is likely to sell out each time it is offered, and tickets range from $3,000 to around $8,500 per person for the three-day experience.

A Pricey Operator

The rail company is one of the world’s most well-known luxury rail companies. It offers various routes, like its overnight $4800 per person route from London to Venice. According to the company site, their most popular routes include London to Venice and a dazzling five-night journey from Istanbul to Paris, which begins at around $22,000 per passenger.

The operation is also known for its abundance of staff. From chefs in tall hats to fully-tailored-suit-wearing bellhops and concierges. Just about all of the routes offered by The Venice Simplor-Orient-Express are considered significantly luxurious. 

Expectations For The New Route

On the new Paris-to-Portofino route, guests can expect all the usual splendor associated with the luxury train, including spending one night onboard and the other two at a five-star hotel in Portofino.

The cost per person varies from around $4500 to more than $8500 depending on accommodation.

They can also expect to take in views of Paris and France’s countryside to Monaco as well as through other breathtaking places in Italy as the train approaches Portofino.

Train Amenities

There are four cabin types: the historic cabin, double suite, twin suite and the grand suite. The grand suite is the most expensive and offers the most space. It also comes with 24-hour butler service, bottomless champagne, a marble en-suite bathroom, a lounge area and more. 

One of the standout experiences associated with the company is dinner. Beyond the gourmet, chef-prepared food and five-star menu, guests are required to attend in formal attire. Notified in advance of the dinner dress code, guests are encouraged to dress up. They’re also encouraged to avoid “daywear” like sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts, and often attend in ballgowns, tuxedos and fine jewelry.

Part of the train’s allure is its commitment to all things luxury. Even the ambiance feels exclusive. On the official FAQ page on the company’s website, it states, “Wifi is available throughout the train in all guest cabins….To maintain the ambiance of the train for fellow passengers, the use of mobile phones and electronic devices should be restricted to the cabin.”