The government of Mallorca is concerned about the overcrowding of the island due to tourism. To tackle the problem, the number of hotel beds available for tourists will be capped at 430,000, according to Euronews.

The plan:

As part of the updated tourism plan, the Mallorca Council will also be increasing the number of tourism inspectors to crack down on illegal vacation rental properties as well as setting guidelines regarding how accommodations can be marketed.

Catalina Cladera, President of the Mallorca Council, says they want to see “tourism of greater value and less volume.”

Mallorca saw a record number of visitors this summer as tourists flocked to the Spanish island after COVID-19 travel restrictions came to an end. Both hotels and vacation rentals were full.

Combating overcrowding

“I won’t deny it, there has been overcrowding this summer,” said Cladera. “However, only in some places and at certain times.”

Throughout the Balearic Islands, which also include Ibiza and Menorca, several regulations have been instituted to address both drunken tourists and overcrowding.

Some of the all-inclusive resorts now have guidelines regarding alcoholic drinks in which guests are limited to three beverages at dinner and three at lunch. Additional alcoholic drinks must be purchased on their own.

Social bans:

Pub crawls, two-for-one drink specials, and happy hours are also now banned. Party boats are prohibited in certain areas. And alcohol can not be sold in stores between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

The island of Ibiza, in particular, is working to rid itself of its reputation as a party destination. To achieve this, authorities are trying to attract better-quality tourism and focus more on wellness and sustainable travel.

Even the dress codes at various establishments have been attempting to reduce rowdy behavior. Playa de Palma, for example, one of the most popular resorts in Mallorca, has prohibited the wearing of football shirts in its restaurants.