A driver remained stuck on a highway in China for 320 miles after a malfunction of his car’s cruise control.


According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Luo, as he was named in local reports, had no choice but to continue driving until his vehicle ran out of fuel on December 2.

The car he was driving was a Haval H6 Crossover SUV, one of the most popular vehicles in China.

Feared for his life:

Luo stated that as he was driving through the Hunan city of Zhuzhou, he put the car into cruise control, setting the speed at around 62 miles per hour.

However, when he went to turn it off, he found himself unable to do so. Luo then realized that his brakes also were not working and he could not stop the car. Worried, and upset, he feared for his life.

Just keep crusin’

To avoid crashing, he was forced to continue driving on the highway at the same speed. CCTV footage as well as video captured from other cars showed Luo’s car cruising along.

While driving, Luo called local authorities and made them aware of his predicament. Police provided an escort in an attempt to prevent an accident from taking place. Engineers from Haval called Luo but were unable to offer any advice to remedy the malfunction.

A safe ending:

Finally, five hours and 320 miles later, Luo’s car ran out of gas and safely stopped. The cause of the malfunction remains unknown, however, the manufacturer is investigating.

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