One of the enjoyable perks of a Platinum membership with Marriott Bonvoy is free breakfast at most Marriott properties.

Keyword: Most. 

As View From the Wing notes, the benefit can be confusing. At Courtyard hotels in North America and Europe, for example, members can choose between 500 points (total for the stay) or a $10 food and beverage credit (x2 for two guests registered to the room) that can be used any time of day – not just in the morning.

VFTW recently shared one customer’s story who learned the hard way that all perks are not equal – or guaranteed.  

In a post on FlyerTalk, a user shares the experience of asking for their $10 credit and being denied. To make matters worse, the hotel staff member then went on to threaten the guest with a call to the police.

Check out the story below:

Platinum, stayed 1 night at a Courtyard in North America. Breakfast was closed. Morning of check out, asked if I could use $10pp F&B amenity on grab-and-go from the pantry. The agent initially says yes but when I come down later and get the food, man (didn’t identify himself but supervisor I’m guessing) comes out and says no, you have to pay.

Point out the elite amenity on Marriott website, supervisor says no. I point out that goes against the elite welcome gift guarantee, supervisor says take it up with Marriott, but you have to pay otherwise you can deal with the police for shoplifting.

I ask if he is the general manager since I would like to speak to the GM. Man says, now you’re making threats so I am calling the police, picks up the phone and starts dialing. I leave and say you are free to charge my card. Later receive a updated folio with the additional F&B charge.

r1xd on FlyerTalk

Replies to the post mostly sided with the hotel guest, although a few users raised the issue of safety concerns as a consideration for grace toward the supervisor. The most consistent question asked was the name of the property and staff member in question, to which the user later responded:

This was at the Courtyard Niagara Falls, ON.

I wish I could but the staff member in question refused to introduce or identify himself by name or title and did not have any kind of name badge etc. So my guess is he was some kind of supervisor, but could have easily been the GM, the owner, the son of the owner, etc? I have no idea.

r1xd on FlyerTalk

It’s worth noting that the guest admits this situation is a one-off in his experience as a Marriott Bonvoy member. However, there’s no shortage of replies in the thread that suggest a pattern of impunity on Marriott’s part in not delivering on its benefits.

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