Two families visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida engaged in a huge brawl Wednesday. According to Yahoo, the issue began in the line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic after an individual exited the line to retrieve her phone, which she had left on her electric conveyance vehicle.

Once she had retrieved her phone, she attempted to rejoin the rest of her family in their place in line, however, another family stopped her from passing them.

Her family waited outside of the ride to confront the other group of people. A member of the woman’s family allegedly told them, “We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.” 

Shouting and profane words were exchanged and the confrontation soon escalated into a physical altercation. The fight, which lasted for several minutes, took place in the amusement park‘s Fantasyland section between Cinderella’s Castle and Peter Pan’s Flight. Other park patrons watched in horror and children cried until park security and law enforcement arrived to break it up. 

“We came upon it, and it appeared as though it took about two minutes for two security personnel to arrive,” an eyewitness of the fight reported to Fox. “Deputies arrived probably about five minutes after that.”

According to the Daily Mail, several of the parties involved in the brawl suffered bruises; one man was hospitalized with a facial laceration.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested three of the people for misdemeanor battery. One of the families has been banned from the park. 

This altercation was not the first fight to take place at Disney‘s Magic Kingdom this year. In May, a married couple got into a scuffle with some other park attendees over a spot to watch the fireworks. During the fight, the wife hit her head on the ground and experienced bleeding of the brain as a result.

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