We all love us some good travel tips, especially when it comes to traveling with small children. As parents, traveling with small children can be quite a challenge. There are so many things you have to think about, so many things you have to pack, so many things you have to plan for. And no matter how much you think you’ve planned for everything, it’s guaranteed that something is likely to go wrong.

Like most of us preparing for our next adventure, you probably search online for tips, advice, and travel hacks. Most people use resources such as trusted websites, YouTube, social media, and online ravel gurus when looking for the best ways to navigate the world around us. However, as with anything, it’s best to do your due diligence because even what seems to be the most wholesome information can be really really bad!

Take this Traveling Mommy for example:

Maru Istomina lives in Milan, Italy and has amassed 21k followers on TikTok by sharing travel content. 

Recently, Istomina, who is a wife and mother of a 10-month-old,  created a series of videos sharing tips for traveling with a baby. In one of the videos, she shares a controversial tip for how parents can enjoy alone time while traveling with an infant.

1. Ask The Hotel For A Crib

Did you know that you can request a crib when traveling with an infant? When booking your hotel online, simply make the request in the Special Request section. It’s worth noting that this is simply a request and not a reservation. The hotel can only provide a crib based on availability. It’s also best to call your hotel 48-72 hours ahead of time to confirm availability, as not all hotels offer this service.

According to Maru Istomina, you can also call the hotel in advance and have the crib placed in the room. It also doubles as a pack-n-play.

2. Don't Forget Your Nanny Cam

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Istomina suggests that parents should bring WiFi-enabled nanny cams along for their trips so they can hang out at nearby pubs while their babies sleep.

3. Leave The Electricity On For The Baby

For hotels that require a key card to activate the electricity within guest rooms, Istomina suggests that parents request two key cards upon check-in — one for the room and one to take with them. That way they’ll be able to keep the lights and air conditioning running for the baby while they’re away but can also lock the door on the way out.

Now that the baby is asleep, secure and the cameras are on, you and your mate can head out.

What are your thoughts on these tips?

Here’s what we think.

Children Should Not Be Left Alone

Absolutely not. Never. Do not ever do this!

It should go without saying that children should not be left alone under any circumstances. It’s dangerous for several reasons. An emergency could happen in the blink of an eye. There could be a choking hazard, a fire, or even worse, an abduction!

Shall we revisit the 2007 disappearance of 3-year old Madeleine McCann who went missing from a hotel room in Portugal as her family dined at a restaurant just feet away? She was only left alone for 2.5 hours and was checked on periodically. It’s been nearly 15 years and she has not been found.

Connecting A Nanny Cam To Public WiFi Is Risky

We’ve all had this happen to us: we’re in a public place — let’s say on an airplane, a train, or a hotel— and, out of nowhere,  a total stranger airdrops a photo onto our phone. This is a perfect example of just how “safe” public WiFi is.

With hundreds of people’s data being transmitted throughout a hotel’s WiFi daily, using their public hotspot could possibly leave your nanny cam vulnerable to a security breach. This means creepy hackers could be spying on your little one while you’re away and you’d be none the wiser. To be on the safe side, don’t trust a WiFi camera to babysit your child. Instead, opt for an actual human nanny if you’d like to go out for a night of fun.


We understand that as parents, alone time is crucial, but it must be done safely so as not to put your child at risk. If you’re looking to spend some a few hours away from the kiddo, here are a few tips you can try instead.

1. Opt For A Hotel Or Resort With Childcare Services

Photo Credit: @Streetoncamara via Twenty20

Consider hotel or resort accommodations with daycare or childcare services onsite when making your travel plans. That way, you and your significant other can slip away for a daytime excursion while your little one enjoys play time and makes some new friends.


2. Ask The Hotel For Childcare Recommendations

If your hotel does not offer childcare, they could possibly have recommendations that they can share. Call ahead and ask the concierge for nearby childcare options. Then, do your due diligence by researching further online. Pay attention to online reviews from other parents and even give the facility a call for yourself. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable enough to leave your child with them.

3. Bring Your Own Nanny Or Sitter

For those who can afford it, bringing a nanny or babysitter along for your travels is another great option for reliable childcare. This can be an individual you hired or a relative. Anything is better than a nanny cam.