Back in May, people across the country hit the pavement cycling around town for National Bike Month. However, more people are seeking out cities that allow them to bike freely and safely all year round. 

Commuting by bike can be tricky, especially if you live in large, overpopulated cities where everything is spread far apart. However, Coworking Cafe released its study ranking the most bike commute-friendly cities in the U.S. The study measured fair weather, accident rates, accessibility, and other factors to assess which city was the best destination for bike commuters. 

California came in on top with Davis coming in as the most bike commute-friendly city in the U.S. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland trailed not far behind. But a few places made the list some folks wouldn’t expect. Here’s a list of some of the most bike commute-friendly cities in the country.

Davis, California

According to Coworking Cafe, Davis, California, is considered the Bicycle Capital of America. The study says that while most American cities were embracing the automobile in the 1960s, Davis residents took a strong liking to the bike. Now, according to the University of California-Davis, the city has 12 miles of bike trails for every square mile in the city. 

Located in the Sacramento Valley, Davis is a diverse terrain with beautiful scenery, incredible nature scenes, and bikers galore. Most people on the West Coast know that Davis is a bike-friendly community. So everyone comes from all over to bike throughout the city and see the sights. For those interested in a little bike history, Davis is the home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall Of Fame.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re looking for the safest place for bike commuters, Boston needs to be your next move. The study revealed that Boston had the safest traffic for bikers. The city had less than one biking accident reported per 100,000 people in five years. Boston also ranks as the 10th highest in the nation for bike-lane density. 

Everyone loves Boston. It’s one of the oldest and most historic cities in the country with plenty of landmarks, activities, and entertainment. For a bit more nostalgia, ride your bike through Boston to visit Cheers, the bar based on the hit television show.

New York City, New York

Whenever you get tired of the safe biking trails in Boston, head over to New York City for some more safe, biking fun. Like Boston, the Big Apple tops the list for safety. In five years, the city only reported one bike accident per 100,000 people. Another great thing for bikers in New York is the amount of bike-friendly office settings. The city has no less than 30 bike-friendly flex offices for commuters and ensures their transportation needs are accommodated. 

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago emerged as the most bike commuter-friendly city in the Midwest. One thing to remember about Chicago is that the weather is not warm year-round. While biking in the spring and summer is a lovely luxury, it can be a pain during the city’s grueling winter can be a pain.