Usually Christmas is spent with family, friends & loved ones. New Years Eve is usually spent on vacation or even in your local club. This might be the first year where you are completely clueless on how to spend your holiday season. 

You can still get away for the holidays and skip the crowd, while exploring the best off the grid destinations: 

Joshua Tree, California

Just a 2.5 hour drive from the city of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is the best option for an off the beaten path holiday if you are a West Coast native. Not only is it a National Park, but it has become one of the popular but secluded destinations in the past two years. How secluded you ask? Joshua Tree doesn’t exactly have hotels yet.

You might have asked where I should stay? Here are my two recommendations for an off the grid experience : 

The Joshua Tree Chalet

Photo by Airbnb Host

Joshua Tree Green Haus w. Hot Tub

Photo by Airbnb Host

Catskills, New York

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city this holiday season? Catskills, New York is the new Poconos. Only a 3 hour drive from the New York City  and 3.5 hour train ride from Manhattan it is the perfect escape. 

Here are my two recommendations for an off the grid experience: 

Getaway House : East Catskills & West Catskills locations


Asheville, North Carolina 

Looking for that small town feeling but with great food? Asheville is the perfect destination. It’s nestled in the middle of about 4 different mountains, art galleries, national parks & did I mention great food!  Though asheville is a popular city, it gives off small town vibes. 

Here are my two recommendations for the best small town feeling: 

Biltmore – Grand Bohemian Hotel

Photo Grand Bohemian Hotel

Windsor Asheville


Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

In the last year, Jackson Hole has become a popular destination for people looking for a peaceful escape from the city life. Jackson Hole is a destination that surprisingly has many different reasons for visiting. It is home to 3 ski areas, nearby the National Elk Refuge and also home to The National Museum of Wildlife Art.  

Teton Mountain Lodge




Sedona , Arizona 

Home of the luxury spas, Sedona has made a name for itself. The self-proclaimed spa city of the United States, Sedona has mastered the art of Resort & Spa accommodations. 

Here are my two recommendations for the perfect spa getaway: 

Enchantment Resort

Enchantment Resort – Sedona, Arizona

Mii Amo


This brand sets itself apart from many others by offering a more luxury touch to the great outdoors. Mii Amo offers picturesque views and wellness all around its properties but is currently only accepting guests until December 31, 2020.