No matter how old you are, doing a puzzle is an activity that unlocks a world of entertainment and challenge with the satisfying click of puzzle pieces fitting perfectly into place.

Beyond the fun and calm they provide, puzzles are an excellent workout for your brain. They help with coordination, memory, visual and spatial reasoning, and even problem-solving.

During the height of the pandemic, people forced to stay at home had to come up with new hobbies. Suddenly, those who never had an interest in puzzles decided to give them a try. In fact, according to HuffPost, “Puzzle manufacturers reported soaring sales and even shortages” in 2020.

Wonderful World Map Puzzle

Puzzles are a great, interactive way to learn about the world. This lively, colorful puzzle set is geared toward kids, but who is to say you can’t join in on the fun as an adult?

This product from the ZiGYASAW line makes for the perfect rainy day activity for you and any little ones. Simply clear some space on the floor or your table, and you’re good to go.

There are 54 pieces, and they are specifically designed to be large enough to not be a choking hazard. You’ll also get quiz cards, which is a great way to expand your geography knowledge.

Larsen Africa Map Puzzle

Learn about the vibrant African continent with this special 63-piece puzzle. In addition to a map of Africa, you’ll see some of the animals native to the continent like lions, zebras and rhinos. This is much more than an educational tool—it’s a work of art.

This puzzle set is also affordable without compromising quality. You’ll notice the puzzle pieces are thicker than the typical flimsy cardboard pieces.

Best of all, this is a geography and zoology experience wrapped into one.

Ghana Map Puzzle

Ghana Map Puzzle
Ghana Map Puzzle

Celebrate the first sub-Saharan nation to break free from colonialism with this beautiful map of Ghana.

This 100-piece puzzle was created by the Very Puzzled brand. You’ll learn about Ghana as a nation in addition to several of its attractions, monuments and landmarks.

This would make a lovely gift for a child or for your travel-obsessed friend.

Asia Map Puzzle 

Asia Map Puzzle
Asia Map Puzzle

The continent of Asia is rich historically and culturally, and you’ll be able to learn about it all through this puzzle.

Did you know that several major religions come from Asia? It’s also home to two of the most highly populated nations in the world, China and India.

You may recognize several of the monuments and people who appear in the puzzle, like the Taj Mahal. There are so many things to look at, and this puzzle is bound to spark many meaningful conversations.

United States Puzzle

This puzzle created by the Momo and Nashi company is so fun to look at and piece together.

Each of the state names is written out in a white font set against a colorful background. The capitals are also visible, and there are various symbols representing each state. For instance, Texas has a cowboy hat, California has the Golden Gate Bridge, and Idaho has a potato.

Even adults who thought they knew all the state capitals can learn from this invaluable educational tool. There are 70 pieces in total, and each one is crafted out of durable chipboard that won’t bend or wear down over time.

Customers who have purchased this puzzle say that it has helped their children learn about the U.S. in an engaging way. It has also helped them learn the location of each state and what makes them special.