Mexico’s popular Quintana Roo has been the focus of many stories about “tourist taxi rates” in Cancun. The popular tourist hotspot is known for travelers being ripped off and scammed with confusion around taxi rates. However, it is official – there are no separate tourist rates.

Rodrigo Alcázar Urrutia, director of the Mobility Institute of the state of Quintana Roo, officially clarified this. He explained that it is illegal for local public transport operators to charge a tourist fee in the Cancun region.

Tourists in the region are increasingly reporting and complaining about the scam. The Cancun Sun reported that 60 Cancun taxi drivers were sanctioned by local authorities for malpractices, including misleading “tourist taxi rates”.

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What we know:

Drivers have several techniques for hiking up the taxi rate that tourists report. Often this includes speeding up the taxi meter – a common malpractice. If caught engaging in any illegal overcharging – with locals and tourists alike – drivers will be fined and may even have their licenses revoked.


Just before the tourist season edges towards high season, officials warn drivers that it is illegal to charge higher tourist rates, this time with tangible consequences.