Nestled within the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Selarón Steps is an enchanting marvel that captivates both locals and tourists. As a tapestry of colors and patterns, this staircase stands as a testament to the creativity of its artist, Jorge Selarón.

For those embarking on a journey to Rio de Janeiro, a visit to the Selarón Steps is a must. With each ascent of the vibrant staircase, visitors immerse themselves in the ardor, ardently poured by Selarón. These steps symbolize the boundless capacity of the human spirit to transcend barriers and craft something unique. They are a timeless potency of art.

The Selarón Steps also have found a place in popular culture. Renowned artists, such as Will.I.AM, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams, chose these steps as the backdrop for their music videos. This makes their stature as an international symbol of creative expression.

Photo Credit: SnoopDogTv / Youtube

Dubbed Escadaria Selarón in Portuguese, the steps have emerged as one of Rio’s most beautiful sites. It attracts art enthusiasts and culture aficionados from across the globe. Spanning the divide between Lapa and Santa Teresa neighborhoods, these steps, originally erected in the 1930s, had fallen into neglect over time. Yet, it was the imagination and passion of one man that breathed new life into these stairs.


Selarón was born in Chile and settled in Rio de Janeiro in 1983, embracing the city’s lively atmosphere and rich artistic heritage. In 1990, he embarked on an audacious endeavor to revitalize the steps outside his Santa Teresa abode. Fueled by a fervor for artistic expression and inspired by the works of Candido Portinari, a renowned Brazilian painter, Selarón embarked on a transformative journey.

Employing a blend of radiant tiles, ceramics and mirrors, Selarón designed a mosaic that embraced the steps, morphing them into a living canvas. Each tile tells a unique tale. Some donated by local residents, while others were sent from admirers spanning the globe. These steps swiftly evolved into an embodiment of unity, a vibrant celebration of Brazil’s cultural kaleidoscope.

Something that commenced as a personal undertaking soon blossomed into a lifelong devotion for Selarón. Over nearly two decades, he meticulously added to the mosaic, each contribution breathing new life into his masterpiece. Tourists and locals alike found themselves entranced by the breathtaking mosaic, which seemed to encapsulate the essence of Brazil.

A Pilgrimage Site for Photographers

As word of the Selarón Steps spread, they grew into a pilgrimage site for photographers, art enthusiasts and wanderers eager to immerse in the spirit of Rio de Janeiro. Each year, thousands of individuals visit these vivid stairs, drawn not only by the amazing art before them, but also by the memory of the artist who poured his heart and soul into every inch.

Selarón’s deep connection with the Brazilian spirit is woven into the steps’ intricate design. He often referred to this art as a “tribute to the Brazilian people,” further amplifying the emotional resonance it evoked among witnesses. As the fame of the Selarón Steps soared, so did the legacy of the artist himself. Selarón became a local pop star, celebrated not only for his art, but also for his warm interactions with visitors.

While Selarón’s life took a tragic turn in 2013, his art legacy continues to thrive. Today, a dedicated group of volunteers ensures the steps are preserved. The Selarón Steps reflects the deep connection between art and culture, urging artists worldwide to leave an impressive imprint on the world.