Shark attacks always captured the public’s attention with thrilling tales of predator-prey interactions in the vast expanse of the ocean. In a recent comprehensive study published by Business Insider, researchers have analyzed historical data to identify the top 10 U.S. states with higher incidents of shark attacks. This analysis sheds light on the states where these encounters are more prevalent, providing valuable insights for beachgoers and marine enthusiasts.

The study, conducted by a team of marine biologists and researchers, examined shark attack incidents over the past decades. By collating and analyzing data from different sources, the team was able to draw meaningful conclusions regarding the frequency of shark incidents in different states.

Here are the top 10 states with a higher rate of shark attacks in 2022.


Leading the pack is Florida, with 912 reported shark attacks. The state’s extensive coastline, warm waters and popularity among tourists contribute to its high ranking.


The island of Hawaii claims the third spot with 187 recorded attacks. Its warm waters and marine life attract numerous shark species.


Ranking third is California with 136 reported incidents. The state’s diverse marine ecosystems, including popular surfing destinations, make it a prime habitat for shark attacks.

South Carolina

In fourth place is South Carolina with 115 shark attacks recorded. Its warm waters and significant prey populations contribute to a higher likelihood of encounters.

North Carolina

With 78 reported incidents, North Carolina ranks fifth. The convergence of warm Gulf Stream currents and diverse marine ecosystems makes the state’s Outer Banks a hotspot for shark encounters.


Texas secures the sixth spot on the list with 45 reported shark attacks. The Gulf of Mexico coastline is home to various shark species, including bull sharks.


With 29 reported attacks, Oregon claims the seventh spot. While the encounters are low, the presence of great white sharks near the coast cannot be overlooked.

New York

Despite its bustling metropolis, New York has witnessed 20 shark attacks earning it the eight position. Long Island and the Hamptons, with their active marine environments, contribute to these occurrences.


Alabama had 10 reported shark attacks. The state’s Gulf Coast, including popular beach destinations, like Gulf Shores, has witnessed these rare incidents.


Rounding off the top 10, with 6 recorded incidents. Cape Cod’s growing seal population attracts sharks, leading to occasional interactions with humans.