As the summer travel season nears, travelers are planning which destinations to visit. While there are many exciting places around the world worth making the trip some popular destinations are expected to be significantly crowded this summer.

From bustling cities to white-sand Caribbean beaches, these four sought-after spots may be among the world’s most packed with tourists, making it a bit more difficult to find the zen that often comes with vacation.

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower and Seine River at sunset
Photo credit: Chris Karidis

Paris is set to attract around 15 million visitors because of this year’s Summer Olympic Games. In the weeks leading up to the global sporting event, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to descend on the French city and fill more than 85,000 hotel rooms.

The games are set to begin Friday, July 26, and continue through Sunday, August 11. From athletes to spectators and everyone in between, the month before and after the Olympics will see more visitors than normal in Paris. Travelers looking to experience the magic of Paris are advised to consider another, less crowded time.

London, United Kingdom

Man taking a selfie on bridge in London
Photo credit: Canva

London will be home to several music festivals and concerts this summer. Already a popular destination for travel in Europe because of its shopping and things to do, this summer is set to be different than previous years. It’s also one of the top three summer travel destinations this year, according to Google.

In July, the popular Wireless Festival will bring Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Sean Paul, 21 Savage, Sexxy Red, and several other artists to the city. Other dates throughout the summer will see live performances by Burna Boy, Sza, and more.

Cancun & Tulum, Mexico

busy beach with many people in Tulum on a sunny day
Photo credit: Ulrike Schmitt-Hartmann

Mexico is a year-long favorite destination for travelers from around the world. Many people like visiting the country because of its food, nightlife, and ample all-inclusive resorts. Cancun and Tulum are popular for catering to tourists but offer different atmospheres.

Cancun, a more nightlife-driven area, is a huge spring break destination for travelers from the United States. It sees a travel peak earlier in the year, around February through April, but is still popular during the summer. Tulum, on the other hand, though equally popular, is known for its toggle between beach and jungle, with a heavy influence on nature and outdoor activities.

Because of its proximity to the United States, both places are expected to see heavy traffic during the summer months for U.S.-based travelers. Cancun will likely be a popular family destination in Mexico, while Tulum’s new airport will likely bring in a new crowd.

Bali, Indonesia

aerial view of Serangan Island shoreline in Bali
Photo credit: Matthew Micah Wright

People flock to Bali for several reasons. The area’s affordable luxury accommodations, unique vacation rentals, and natural beauty are a big part of its allure. The culture and warm hospitality are also attractive to travelers.

During the summer, Bali’s dry season, the weather is warm with bearable humidity. Daily averages range around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, a perfect setting with local beaches, beach clubs, and noteworthy landmarks. Travelers are also often captivated by Bali’s peaceful atmosphere, so many visit for rejuvenating or retreat-like vacations. However, because of its nearly ideal weather during the summer months, the destination is likely to be brimming with tourists.