These days our smartphones can do just about anything. No longer just a tool for communication. It’s also a hub for all of our entertainment. Photos, videos, games, and books. Most of us don’t even need to carry a laptop around. We buy a bigger phone with a bigger screen and instantly take care of work emails or edit presentations on the fly. There’s also no excuse for not capturing the moments these days when you’re traveling solo. With so many technological advances, almost everything is compact enough to carry in a bookbag or purse. If you’re looking for gadgets to pack for your next trip across the country or overseas, you should order a few gadgets on Amazon.


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A must-have for the content creator in your life, the Pivo Pod is an absolute game changer! No longer are the days of you having to wait for someone to come over so you can grab some original content around the house. The Pivo Pod can follow you while you’re shooting content. It adjusts to almost any tripod and works the same with pictures and videos. It is also compatible with all smartphones, Samsung or iPhone.

Gimbal Stabilizer

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For those who love shooting documentaries on their phones, the Gimbal gives your visuals a steady grip on the phone’s camera. It also provides you with more range of motion as you move with ease between scenes and from subject to subject. Professionals and amateurs alike use the Gimbal stabilizer. It comes with a case and is very easy to assemble and carry. Works with both iPhone and android.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

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This is the ultimate lens kit to turn your phone into a mini DSLR. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes with two lenses, one wide and one macro, and a rechargeable LED light for flash. The lenses easily clip to either a smartphone, iPhone, or android. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes with a case so you can carry it anywhere with you, in a book bag, purse, or any checked bag or carry-on. There’s no excuse for getting the shots you want on your next overseas trip.

MAXBEAR Battery Case

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One of the top battery case brands on Amazon. Maxbear’s charging case is the perfect solution for protecting your phone and always ensuring you have an extra charge when your battery’s low. The protective case is slim and not too bulky for your pockets. The charging component to the case is wireless, so it’s just a matter of turning it on when needed. It’s also one of the higher capacity chargers at 7000mah, which could most likely fully charge your iPhone in a short period. The only con to Maxbear‘s charging case is that it’s only available for iPhone.





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