Summer is among one of the most popular times to travel. The warm sun, vibrant nature and thriving people are hallmark features of this favored season. But not every part of summer is considered equal. There are more favorable months of the summer season. Like June, which is a peak time to travel during summer due to many factors. For example, the weather is ideal and nature is thriving. June is the first big vacation month of the summer season so the overwhelming summer crowds may not be present. But some travelers may be rightfully concerned about the price of travel during the summer and where to go. So we have compiled a list of some of the cheapest places to visit in June. 

Budget-Friendly Destinations

Here are some of the best budget destinations for cheap travel in June. 
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For budget travelers, selecting an affordable place to visit is of the utmost importance. Avoiding the most expensive places to travel to will help travelers not break the bank as they explore the world. Places like North America are typically crowded and quite expensive in June. But there are still great options that offer fun and affordable experiences. 

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a great placed to go during June for cheap prices.
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Reasons to Visit Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a town located in the Dominican Republic. The resort area is a paradise for beach lovers and is popular with east coast travelers. It is a popular place for couples, but groups, solo travelers and families enjoy the destination just as much. In June, Punta Cana has great weather conditions. The temperature is around 75 to 90 degrees so it is nice and sunny. The Atlantic hurricane season technically starts in June and lasts until November, but severe tropical storms are not popular. June is not one of the rainiest months so it is still a pretty good time to visit. Also, summer crowds come to Punta Cana around July and August. This area commonly has crowds, but there may be slightly less during June. 

An Affordable Destination

Punta Cana is not an exceedingly expensive place to visit. The town even has modest prices for all inclusive resorts. Travelers will notice discounts on vacation packages. Accommodations will likely cost between $50 to $150 a night during the month of June, so there are varying prices that fit an array of budgets. It is important to note that inclusive resorts are a bit cheaper than resorts. Plus, flights to the Punta Cana International Airport (PJJ) are well priced during this month. This destination is great for families and groups due to its affordability. 

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is a relatively cheap place to travel to in June. 
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Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its calming ambiance, impeccable views and wellness experiences. The weather during June is usually pleasant. Temperatures are usually between 70 and 90 degrees during the month with some light showers. These weather conditions make an ideal environment as nature gets greener and more full. Because June is technically not in the dry season, there is likely to be less crowds too. So tourist spots will be more quiet and enjoyable. 

An Affordable Destination

During this month travelers will be able to enjoy some cheaper seasonal prices. Accommodations, tours and even flights are less expensive in June. Kids are still in school in Costa Rica (and the United States) during June, so the area is less crowded during the day. This generally means that there is more flexibility and freedom for travelers. Another thing to note is that meals typically cost around $10 to $20, depending on where travelers go. Also, reservations are not necessarily needed in Costa Rica. 


Check out why Cancun is one of the cheapest places to travel to in June. 
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Reasons to Visit Cancun

Cancún, Mexico is a great place to visit for stunning beaches and exciting nightlife. And travelers will not lack options for things to do. There is plenty to do in Cancun including nature exploration and enjoying local cuisine. Travelers can even take part in cenote exploration. One of the most popular cenotes near Cancun is the cenote Verde Lucero. An important thing for travelers to note is that there are sporadic showers in June. But the showers are short, so if travelers are not opposed to dealing with them every now and then they may be able to avoid the crowds of other summer months.  

An Affordable Destination

Cancun is a well known resort town. So there are great all-inclusive resort options and deals that fit many budgets. The tourists that come during the high travel season have likely not come yet, there may be great deals as a result. Also, the food in Cancun and flights to the destination are not generally expensive. With these things considered, Cancun is one of the cheapest places to visit in June, especially if tourists visit early in the month. 

Fort Lauderdale 

This Florida city is an affordable summer getaway.
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Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has some of the best beaches on the East Coast. It is known for its beaches but there are other features that keep travelers coming back. There is a thriving art culture and local events are readily available to travelers in Fort Lauderdale. During June the city has idyllic weather. Temperatures usually are around 75 to 90 degrees during this month. The year round average in Fort Lauderdale is 77 degrees, so travelers are sure to experience warm temperatures. There are about 13 hours of sunshine during the day in June and the sea is mild.

An Affordable Destination

If travelers can beat the heat and don’t mind the presence of children on summer break, they will reap some monetary benefits. There are significant hotel deals during June. Plus, in comparison to March and July, the most expensive times to fly to Fort Lauderdale, June has relatively cheap flight prices too.