These Are The Airlines With The Most Luxurious First Class Restrooms
Photo Credit: Emirates

Photo Credit: Emirates

These Are The Airlines With The Most Luxurious First Class Restrooms

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jan 25, 2023

Flying first class offers many perks and amenities. For the hefty price, you get priority boarding, receive superior treatment, and dine on the airline’s best food. Your flight is drastically more comfortable. Passengers fly in not only premium seats but often a completely private space more akin to a small hotel room. It may even include a bed and its own luxurious bathroom.

Certain airlines offer outstanding first-class experiences with some of the most amazing restrooms you’ve ever seen on a plane. Looking to fly first class and want to enjoy an opulent loo at 30,000 feet? Then you should definitely consider flying with one of these airlines.

1. Emirates

The first class on Emirates A380 is largely considered the creme de la creme. The aircraft contains two shower spas equipped with heated floors. First-class passengers can schedule their shower upon boarding.

Each passenger’s shower is limited to 5 minutes of running water, however, there is no limit on how long you can use the spa itself. It comes with a large amount of luxury toiletries passengers can use to pamper themselves.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers another top-tier restroom in its A380 first-class suite. In the bathrooms’ two spacious sections, passengers will find a full-size sit-down vanity stocked with a wide range of toiletries, including Laliquea facial mist.

The suite even includes a hidden urinal that can be discretely tucked away when not in use.

3. Lufthansa

Similarly, Lufthansa’s A380 first-class restrooms contain plush benches and a hidden urinal tucked away behind a sliding shell.

The designer of lavatories, Mueller/Romca, says this design “improves hygiene in the overall toilet area. The toilet area remains clean and thereby substantially improves the comfort for female passengers.”

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ spacious A380 first-class restrooms offer a concealed toilet upholstered in the same leather as the wide benches. Additional features include a full-size sink with a waterfall tap, LED light-up mirrors, mood lighting, as well as a full-length mirror.

As far as amenities, passengers have access to everything they might need, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, shaving kits, hand lotion, perfume, and cologne.

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