Celebrity Cruises, a Miami-based cruise line company, uses the metaverse to provide potential customers with a virtual experience

A Cruise Line In The Metaverse

Users can create an avatar and experience their Celebrity Cruises ship with other users. Meet with one of the captains or drink at the bar with the company’s CEO. Users can also interact with one another with a chat feature integrated into the platform.

The purpose of the metaverse platform is to market to new audiences. They want to target customers that have never taken a cruise or have never taken a cruise with Celebrity.

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

“Everyone is welcome and invited to experience it. The target, though, I’d say is … people that haven’t experienced a cruise ship and so all they know is maybe what they’ve heard or read about, sometimes positive, sometimes negative,” said Michael Scheiner, chief marketing officer for Celebrity Cruises.

Metaverse Platform

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Like a Playstation game, the user can control their avatar, jump on a speedboat to the ship and then experience each deck on the cruise. Once you board the boat, you see many details that make a Celebrity Cruise experience. The lounge seating on the decks, the bars facing the water, and the swimming pool centered on the ship.

The force behind Celebrity Cruises metaverse is Surreal Events. Based in Georgia, since 2020, they’ve created metaverse worlds in various industries. They eventually released their main product in 2021 using Unreal Engine, the same platform used to develop Fortnite.