Seeking an affordable city getaway in Europe? Travel website Omio says Granada, Spain is the cheapest city on the continent.

How & why is it #1?

According to EuroNews, Omio recently ranked the best European destinations for budget travelers. First, the company chose the 100 most popular travel cities in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria.

Then, it then ranked these destinations based on several factors: the number of free attractions, the affordability of local transport, and the affordability of food and drink prices. Omio also took the prices of sightseeing tours into account, as well as the number of public drinking fountains at which travelers can access free water.

The benefits:

Granada came out on top. Located in southern Spain in the region known as Andalusia, Granada has 112 free activities, including 20 free museums, that visitors can take advantage of.

With an average price of €6, the city’s sightseeing tours are some of the cheapest on the continent. Granada also has 86 nightclubs and bars where visitors can score beers for a little over €2. In addition, there are 143 drinking fountains and 1,011 free Wi-fi areas.

A regular bus ticket, at the price of €1.40, is one of Europe’s least expensive. Purchasing a travel card further lowers the price to €0.83. The city is also known for its many tapas bars offering free food with the purchase of a drink.

So much to do & see!

Things to see in Granada include the Cathedral of Granada, Mirador de San Nicolas, the Albaicin neighborhood, and the city’s main attraction, the Alhambra Palace.

The well-preserved palace and fortress complex is one of the most prominent examples of Islamic architecture. Also boasting Spanish Renaissance architecture, the stunning and opulent structure was home to emirs of the Nasrid Dynasty.

Learn more:

Travelers can reach Granada by high-speed train in three hours from Madrid and four hours from Seville.

Landing in second place on Omio’s cheapest European cities list is Bruges, Belgium, followed (surprisingly) by Venice, Italy in third place. The Swiss city of Lausanne ranked as the most expensive city.

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