It’s TN Awards season and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the categories and nominees. 

Instagram has become a huge part of the travel industry, being the platform of choice for many travel bloggers and influencers. We love scrolling down our timelines and being transported to a new destination through an Instagrammer’s content!

This is why we had to have a category devoted to IG. The Best Insta-Vibes nominees all have Instagram pages that give us major travel inspo, with their eye-popping images and video content. 

Here are the nominees for Best Insa-Vibes. Cast your vote now through June 13.

Ktura Kay

 Ktura is a Los Angeles based lifestyle and beauty digital creator, but it’s her travel content that has our eye. Her images and videos are crisp, bright and always makes us stop scrolling. Whether she’s in the water or overlooking mountains, we’re always tapped in to Ktura’s travel vibes.




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May West

Originally from Mauritania and Senegal, May set foot in 37 different countries by the age of 23. Her audience of 102k closely tunes in to her travels. May’s fun videos and contagious smile always brightens up our timelines. From big cities to quaint towns and everywhre in between, May’s vibe always shines through.


Sandy Abena

Abena gave up her past life as an executive in France to travel the world. The solo traveler started a project, “10 months, 10 countries,” which puts the spotlight on the Afro world: Africa, the Caribbean, South America. She takes us along for the ride with her travel content and has us ready to explore the Afro world.


Lindsay Mathurin

A respiratory therapist and travel + lifestyle influencer, Lindsay’s travel images give us major wanderlust. If there’s an incredible view, you can find Lindsay there! As she says, “Be the CEO of your life, hire, fire, promote accordingly.”


Mahdi + Lanaiza

We love seeing Black love. What makes Mahdi + Lanaiza’s content so special is no matter where they are in the world, their love is undeniable. Their images are stunning and rich with incredible storytelling. One thing for sure: this couple is one to watch!


Which IG page will you vote for as having the Best Insta-Vibes? Remember, voting ends on June 13th!