We love traveling to the beautiful Caribbean shores, but we love supporting Caribbean brands even more. Heading to the Caribbean islands of Antigua, Jamaica or Turks and Caicos? We know that to the Travel Noire readers, the most important thing is going on vacation and being seen – in brands, businesses and beyond. The Caribbean is the perfect region for this, our newest series will help you do just that, 

We spoke with three Caribbeans to find out what their favorite island brands are. With their help, we have compiled a list of some favorites in food, lifestlye, leisure and more. 

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Courtesy: Andrea

Andrea, an Antiguan with a lot of love for her island shares a list of her favorite Antiguan-owned brands. Since re-rooting back in her home island, she has enjoyed reconnecting through locally-sourced and owned brands.

ShaYSENTIALS – Natural products, conscious beauty as well as a wealth of aromatherapy knowledge to help you from the inside out.

Just Write Antigua – Creative writing workshops and general promoter of living life to the fullest.

Art by FKD – A brilliant visual artist and creative. I love her hand-painted calabashes especially.

Mental Health Talk Antigua -A  great network and mental health support system. Their Facebook group is even more interactive.

Galtigua – This brand is not actually based in Antigua but represents Antiguan national pride and our indigenous African roots in all their beautiful products.


Courtesy: Janine

With an ever-increasing accumulation of Jamaican brands and individuals to support, Janine shares her must-know Jamaican brands. Janine, a Jamaican who returned to Jamaica with her family, is living a sustainable, off-grid life and encouraging others to follow in her footsteps. Jamaica is home to Janine and helping the country grow and flourish means supporting the real, local Jamaicans and their creations. Here are the top Jamaican brands that she recommends:

Omolewa wellness via psilocybin mushrooms & massage therapy + spiritual consultant @entheogenicmidwife

Organic farmers market in Hope Botantical Gardens, Kingston JA: @ujimanaguralfarmersmarket

Healthy smoothie bowls around Jamaica from a food truck: @zenbowlsja

Tours and history of Jamaican Maroons, endemic herbs and cultural events throughout the year – The Kromanti Experience, read story here.

Integrated Diaspora Services – Service-related things in Jamaica,  including passport management for Jamaican-born residents and Jamaicans abroad.  

Stush in the bush – An amazing food experience on an organic farm in the country. 

Best independent leather goods (long lasting) @ielasandalsandaccessoriesja 

Açaí Cafe in Port Antonio – A Jamaican spot for the best açaí on the island

Black Gold JA – A Jamaican-owned castor oil brand 

Most unorthodox pick: Ladies downtown Kingston who do hair and nails on the sidewalk are some of the most amazing creatives that I’ve ever encountered!

Turks and Caicos


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We last spoke to the team behind bēchë.     when we discussed the Black-owned brand and some of the island’s most promising brands. In this piece. We return to that interview to zone in specifically on some of the island’s best brands to follow and support. Turks and Caicos is known for being an island with pristine beaches and turquoise waters, but the creativity and artisans make for an incredible island experience too. Here are some recommendations for Turks and Caicos: 

Looking Glass TCI – Clear kayak + transparent turquoise sea is what to expect with 

Floaty Island – Float through the day on island time with Floaty time. 

Crackpot Kitchen – A private chef and live local music and entertainment

Captain Oak’s Tiki Bar – A tiki bar to remember your nights in Turks and Caicos

bēchë: A black-owned swimwear brand rooted to island living and dedicated to existing as a love letter to Turks and Caicos. Read about them here