Travel Has Been Affected By Hurricane Ian To Florida And The Caribbean, Here's What You Need To Know
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Travel Has Been Affected By Hurricane Ian To Florida And The Caribbean, Here's What You Need To Know

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 26, 2022

Hurricane Ian is this season’s major storm, officially becoming a hurricane on Monday morning. The Hurricane is predicted to get stronger in the coming days. 

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Preparation for the hurricane

Floridians have started boarding up their homes and filing sandbags in preparation for the hurricane. The storm’s diameter is around 500 miles.

Travel has been affected, with cruise lines rerouting ships and closing ports. Flight disruptions and cancelations are expected to follow. 

Where is Hurricane Ian?

As of Monday, Hurricane Ian is over the Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Islands are expected to experience aggressive winds. According to data from FlightAware, half of the flights at Owens Roberts International Airport (GCM) have been canceled. 

Heavy winds and rain are expected in Jamaica and Cuba as the hurricane approaches the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. 

The exact path of Hurricane Ian has not been confirmed. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is urging Floridians to take precautions. 

DeSantis says in a news conference on Monday morning, “You will see storm surge in places like southwest Florida even though the storm is expected to be 100, 150 miles off the coast of southwest Florida.”

President Joe Biden declared a state of energy for Florida over the weekend, urging residents to prepare for the hurricane.

Travel disruptions

Airlines have issued travel alerts and are allowing travelers to change their tickets in an effort to stay safe. 

American, Delta, Southwest and United have all issued travel alerts for routes to places that will be affected, including Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Florida. 

What to do if you’re traveling soon

If you’re traveling this week, check on your flight’s status. Read the terms of the airline you’re flying with and know the deadline for rebooking or changing your flight. 

Chris Citrola of the Federal Aviation Administration says, “All of these airports may see flight delays related to these weather conditions. We’ll be continually watching that very closely to make sure we’re doing the best we can for keeping everybody safe and out of those airports when that impact does happen.”

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