Most curls require moisture daily, especially in the summer season. Therefore, you need to pack some travel size hair care products when traveling to ensure that your hair looks its best during the trip.

For women with curls, managing their natural curls while traveling is always a source of concern. It is possible for curlies to get up and go, but there are several factors that alter the look. Some regions are highly humid almost every day. Vacations to the beach are a guaranteed setting for curls to dry out from the relentless pounding sun and salty sea, which can be damaging. Finding hair products that will cater to your demands can be difficult.

However, there are various items that may help you prepare to maintain the health of your hair while on a vacation. No matter if you have 4C hair, 2C hair, or something in between, there’s no shortage of travel size hair care products to keep your curly tresses on point at all times.

Here are some of our favorite products to consider while traveling for your curls. You’d be amazed how affordable — and effective — these products are! Going on the road doesn’t mean you have to look a mess.

1. Rizos Curls 4-Step Travel Kit

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Rizos Curls is the ideal formula for bouncy, lustrous, defined, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls. It also is produced from the heart.

This product provides a perfect Wash N’ Go Travel Kit for Curly Hair for all hair textures – curls, coils & waves.

This travel kit includes a hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner, refresh & detangle serum, and curl-defining cream.

2. PATTERN On-The-Go Hair Care Kit

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PATTERN On-The-Go Hair Care Kit is a Black-owned company that intends to exceed the beauty needs of the curly, coily and tight-textured community. PATTERN is centered around the celebration of Black beauty.

The On-The-Go Hair Care Kit includes hydration shampoo, heavy conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

3. Curl Keeper's On The Go Travel Kit

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Curl Keeper H20 Water Bottle is a liquid styler that controls frizz without weighing down your hair or leaving a sticky residue. Water reactivates curls and smooths out frizzy hair, making it a great product for styling between washes.

Curl Keeper’s H2O Water Bottle features a design that allows you to refill it as many times as you like. You only need to twist the spray head and fill the bottle.

Curl Keeper is a line of products made with high-quality components suitable for daily use. Its formulas are silicone-free and never tested on animals.

4. Color Wow's Color Security Conditioner

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Color Wow’s Color Security Conditioner provides easy detangling, light hydration, heat protection, and conditioning for fine, thin, or fragile hair without weighing it down or distorting the color.

The product contains argan oil, which infuses hair with hydration, adds shine, and restores it. The conditioner is designed to repair hair that becomes dry and brittle.

5. CURLSMITH's Transition Kit

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Everything you need to clean, define, and hydrate your curls is included in CURLSMITH’s Transition Kit. The kit includes a co-wash, deep conditioner, leave-in cream and styling gel, which is all you need to maintain your hair during your transition.

CURLSMITH creates high-quality products with proven results by combining rare natural ingredients with kitchen staples and fresh, curly-loving foods, drawing inspiration from generations of homemade hair remedies. No compromise: healthy ingredients and expert results.

Avocado is found in the conditioning wash and works to smooths the hair. The rose of Jericho is a rare plant that locks in moisture that can be found in the deep quencher.

There are no sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, or phthalates in any of their products. CURLSMITH’s products are a 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for curly girls.

6. Innersense Organic Beauty's Hair Re-Set

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Innersense Organic Beauty’s Hair Re-Set is a detoxifying, hydrating collection of travel-size products stocked in a 100 percent recycled cotton cosmetic bag.
The kit contains a hydrating cream hair bath, a hydrating cream conditioner, a sweet spirit leave-in conditioner, a detox hair mask and a hydrating hair mask.
Its ingredients are straight from nature, grown organically and without chemicals. Also, they are  ethically sourced from reliable, transparent plantations, orchards and farms from around the world.

7. LUS Brand's Love Ur Curls Set

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LUS Brands’ Love Ur Curls Set can give your extremely tight curls, the kinks, moisture and definition they require.

It includes an ultra-hydrating and detangling conditioner, gentle and moisturizing shampoo, and an all-in-one styler. Each product is designed especially to moisturize kinky-coily hair.

Its products are packed with nutrients that are good for repairing, strengthening, moisturizing, and lessening breakage, which leaves curls supple, defined and shiny.

Your daily use of LUS hair care products will assist in enhancing your natural waves, curls, spiral-skinks, and coils. The products do not cause your hair to become sticky or crunchy. There also is no cast present. LUS Brand’s products for curly hair are never put through animal testing.

Additionally, they have been dermatologist-tested and approved and are gluten-free.

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